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Author: JustFilth
Trader: ? locations
Status: Final (White-listed)
Download: 1.65 MB (Links)

"6 months after the initial outbreak, It seems that the specimens are growing in numbers. Created without reproduction systems and unable to breed for the last few survivors this is a bit of a conundrum. From what information they have pieced together the steady flow of undead are coming from the the labs at Huntington. One thing they don't know is that it is the undead themselves that have evolved and under the direction of there master the Patriarch, who when alive was one of the scientist that helped give life to the dead is now starting the deadly process again. Can the survivors infiltrate the Huntington labs and stop the flow of zombies and finally pull the plug or will they wittingly walk into there own deaths and provide the Patriarch with new material for his gruesome work.

Biohazard is a map by Justyn Toohill. It was a runner-up in the first wave of the Grindhouse mapping competition. It was the only map to not garner a Logitech mouse as a prize for Justyn, instead earning him a second keyboard prize. The level bears similarities to Biotics Lab.

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