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Claymore Sword
Trader Claymore.png
Pricing: £1250 (£937)
Weight: 6 blocks
Related achievements
Highlander.jpg Highlander

The claymore is a two-handed Scottish[1] sword for the berserker perk. It is the third top-tier berserker weapon available, and the most expensive with a price of £1250, which is £250 more than the katana and chainsaw. Somewhat like the fire axe, the claymore is a swung melee weapon that is slow and powerful, with an even slower and more powerful alt-fire. It also has a long reach, making it more suitable for killing crawlers than other melee weapons.

Note: In Players jargon, Claymore was nicknamed as 'Gaymore' :-)


The Berserker perk gets bonuses and a discounts for the claymore.

Level  Discount Price Sale value
Base 0% £1250 £937
0 10% £1125 £843
1 20% £1000 £749
2 30% £875 £655
3 40% £750 £562
4 50% £625 £468
5 60% £500 £374
6 70% £375 £280


The base cost of the claymore is £1250, which can be reduced by up to £875 with use of the berserker perk, at intervals of £125 per level. As with all melee weapons, there are no maintenance costs for it.


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