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Field Medic
Combat armour
Trader Vest.png
Pricing: £300

Combat armour helps players by reducing damage by approximately 77%, 100% from Bloat bile, 100% from world fire and 99% from Flamethrower/Husk flames. Combat armour is vital for survival in Killing Floor, especially in later waves, as the Patriarch would kill anyone without it in one or two hits. The fact that it absorbs 100% damage from the Bloat bile makes it get destroyed at an extremely fast rate depending on the difficulty level and which perk the player is currently using.

Searching for Combat armour in random spawn points while en route to the trader can save the player up to £300. Assuming that no armour is found lying around, players are advised to purchase armour after weapons and ammo to ensure you are properly equipped for killing specimens. Damaged armour can also be repaired at the trader for a percentage of the total cost relative to its current condition.

Bizarrely, all combat armour in the game bears the name 'Pvt. Jim'; a character not mentioned anywhere else in the game, presumably an early casualty with a large defence wardrobe.


  • Buying this last is recommended, as primary weapons are more important; however, you are more likely to find ammunition spawns than armour spawns, so consider buying armour if you expect to incur lots of damage at once.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Protects the wearer, essentially giving them double HP.
  • Removes the vision impairment caused by Bloat bile, although you still take damage, and often still get the irritating screen-shake.
  • Can be repaired rather than replaced, saving you money, depending on how much of your armour you saved.


  • Combat armour does not protect players from the scream of the Siren.
  • Combat armour does not protect players from environmental injuries, such as steep falls.


The Field medic perk gets a discount on Combat armour from the Trader, and spawns with it at Level 5. Firebug and Berserker perks spawn with combat armour at Level 6.

Item cost


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