Compound crossbow

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File:Trader CrossBow.png
Pricing: £800 (£600)
Weight: 9 blocks
Ammo: Hud Arrowhead.png 12 (36)(£15 – £600)
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Recreational hunting weapon, equipped with powerful scope and firing trigger. Exceptional headshot damage. —Trader description 

The compound crossbow is a powerful single shot weapon with a long reload time for Sharpshooters. It has a very high damage per shot, can penetrate multiple targets, and has a massive headshot multiplier of 4x, compared to the 2x multiplier of the rifles and the default 1.1x multiplier of most other weapons. It is generally used either to pick off lines of weaker specimens earlier in the game or individual powerful specimens such as Scrakes and Fleshpounds.


The sharpshooter perk gives various bonuses with the crossbow, and at level 6 spawn in with one.

Level Shot damage
Body Head
Base 300 1200
0 300 1323
1 300 1452
2 300 1656
3 300 1872
4 300 2184
5 300 2700
6 300 2880

Price and ammunition

The crossbow always costs £800 and always comes equipped with a partial load of 12 bolts when acquired anew. One bolt costs £15, making it the second-most expensive ammunition by the unit in the game. It loses out only to the L.A.W rocket, which costs £30. The bolts are recoverable depending on where they eventually land.


The aiming sights of the crossbow.

In the hands of a sharpshooter of any level the damage is enough to take out all normal specimens but the Fleshpound (and the Scrake, after the Twisted Christmas Update) with a single headshot under all normal difficulties and player counts. Due to the Fleshpounds' 50% resistance to the crossbow and hard-headedness, they can no longer be killed with one crossbow shot. The Patriarch can only be taken out by a single bolt under a very small number of circumstances, with three players or less on beginner mode, or with only a single player on normal or hard mode. On 5 or 6 man suicidal it is possible to instantly kill the Patriarch with one bolt to the head from each player, providing that all players are level 6 and that they all hit the head, although this tactic can however take a lot to pull off successfully.


When used against weaker specimens more interesting tactics can be used. Against a single specimen which can be killed in a single body shot aiming down them, and possibly jumping for a better angle, will cause the bolt to impact in the nearby floor behind them for quick recovery of the bolt after their demise. Against lines of specimens it can penetrate multiple targets, this can even be used against powerful specimens if multiple headshots can be lined up, although the bolt is usually not recoverable afterwards. Maneuvering into better positions, and forcing the specimens down paths where they have to come in a line can greatly help with this strategy. Changing the scope-type in the options to sprite based removes all scope sway (at the cost of the nice looking iron-sight model), allowing you to snipe on the run impeccably well.

This weapon is also extremely useful against Scrakes, as bolts stun them if you headshot them. This makes it one of the few weapons capable of reliable Scrake elimination in any difficulty.

Bugs and Exploits

It is possible to use the crossbow scope's zoom on other weapons. To do this, you must set your scope quality to textured, then zoom in with the crossbow. Once zoomed in, switch to another weapon and toggle the iron-sight quickly after doing so. This is most effective with the Sharpshooter class and the Handcannon.

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