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Dual-wielding is a feature that is only available for the 9mm Tactical Pistol and the Handcannon buying 2 of the same either pistols will activate the dual-wielding feature. This feature obviously allows the player to carry and use 2 of the same pistols at the same time. However, dual-wielding does have one disadvantage, and that's nearly useless iron-sights. A lot of players have also claimed that dual-wielding makes it very much harder to aim and prefer to use a single pistol only as the single pistol has extremely good and useful iron-sights.

Other complaints from players about the dual-wield feature is the lack of ammunition they can carry at once, a single pistol will have the same amount of magazines as a pair of them. The dual-wield feature also adds double the fire rate compared to just one but these are the 2 things that players have to leave behind for dual-wielding but they get double the power and double the fire-rate.