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Dual-wielding is a feature that is only available for the 9mm Tactical Pistol and the Handcannon. Buying or picking up two of either pistol will allow the player to carry and use both at the same time, doubling the rate of fire (though not the maximum ammunition carried). However, dual-wielding also doubles the reloading time and removes the ability to use the iron sights on the weapons, instead merely zooming in slightly. The reduced accuracy leads many players to prefer the single weapons, particularly for medium- to long-range use.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Doubles the rate of fire, and thus damage output.
  • Good for close-range encounters, especially if the player's main weapon is designed for range.


  • Makes the "iron sights" ability nearly useless, and long-range fighting difficult.
  • Doubles reload time.
  • Does not double maximum ammo -- be careful not to burn through it all too quickly.
  • Firing dual Handcannons can cause tremendous recoil and "screen shake".


  • Interestingly, going from one 9mm Tactical Pistol to two will take up 4 weight blocks, while going from one Handcannon to two takes up nothing.
  • Purchasing a second pistol will reset the ammunition for the weapon to half -- for instance, if the player has a single Handcannon with full (96/96) ammunition, and then purchases a second, the ammunition will drop to 48/96. Thus, ammo should always be purchased after weapons.
  • A single Handcannon currently counts towards the Sharpshooter's "headshot" requirement, while dual Handcannons count towards the Support Specialist's "shotgun damage" requirement. It is unknown whether this is intentional.