Golden Weapons Pack

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Golden Weapons Pack
Golden weapons pack.jpg
Pack cost: £7.99 – (Steam)
Includes: Ak-47, Shotgun, M79, Katana

The Golden Weapons pack is the second weapon DLC released for Killing Floor. It is priced at £7.99 on the Steam store and unlocks Golden versions of the AK-47, M79, Katana and Shotgun. Unlike the Community Weapon Pack, the DLC doesn't add any unique weapons but rather reskined versions of previious ones after negative community feedback on the previoous weapon DLC. The weapons may only be purchased in game by players who bought the DLC, however, other players may also get the weapon if they are dropped.

The Golden Weapons pack was released on the 13th December 2012, during the Twisted Christmas event.

DLC Pack Description

This is one for all those denizens of good taste out there. All those of you who would really, really like to take some classic weapons and bling them out until they sparkle. Go on - you know you want to!