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The Grenade is the only type of explosive that requires you to aim in an arc. The Grenade is vital for a squad if they want to survive the waves. The fact that it can explode Clots with just one Grenade makes it very useful as players can eliminate groups of weak specimens without wasting too much ammo. Support Specialists and Demolitions get bonuses to grenades.

Grenades can also be "stacked", meaning that the player is allowed to throw five Grenades onto the same place and will have five times the fire-power compared to just one. However, throwing five Grenades onto the same spot will also mean five times the blast radius, making the thrower vulnerable to his own Grenades if the player is not far enough away. The "stack" tactic is one of the most useful ways to annihilate a powerful specimen like a Fleshpound terrorising the squad, but if the explosion does not kill the Fleshpound, it will get enraged if more than 2 Grenades are stacked.

Grenades are the best way to destroy a group or a powerful and strong specimen, but keep in mind that the player must be cautious as a Grenade underneath the thrower's foot will result in a lot of health loss depending on how many Grenades were thrown there. Every ammo box you pick up adds an extra Grenade to your inventory, up to the default maximum of five.

Grenades are not randomly spawned on the map, but ammo boxes may contain them.


  • Welding a door for specimens to break and then throwing many Grenades when the door breaks would most likely kill all the specimens who broke the door. However, if timed wrongly, the door will be destroyed by the Grenades thrown and will not damage the specimens behind it.
  • "Stacking" Grenades will always be the best way to kill powerful specimens, but be sure to run far away as the blast radius will be huge.
  • Throwing a Grenade directly below you when you are surrounded may be able to kill everything around you while leaving you at low health.
  • Throwing all the player's Grenades before the player dies is a very good way to kill as many specimens as possible before the player dies.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Grenades are thrown at a fast rate.
  • "Stacking" of Grenades is allowed.
  • Grenades do 50% more damage to Fleshpounds
  • Good way to kill groups of specimens.
  • May be the only way out of getting surrounded.


  • Blast radius of "stacked" or single Grenades may kill the thrower.
  • Expensive ammo price (£40).
  • Grenades bounce off of enemies, teammates and other objects, and may thus explode near the player who threw them.
  • Unsellable and may disable the player from carrying extra weapons as it requires one weight-block.
  • May break doors and gates accidentally.


The Demolition perk gets a discount on all explosives from the Trader. You spawn with 3 no matter what perk.

Weapon cost