Harold Lott

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Harold Lott
Harold Lott.jpg
Pack cost: £2.99(Steam)
Includes: Harold Lott
Portrait of Harold Lott.

The "Harold Lott" character pack unlocks one unique playable character for Killing Floor for the price of £2.99, which is the highest price for any Killing Floor DLC pack. The DLC was first introduced on the 5th of July 2012 in the second Summer Sideshow event. The DLC contains one playable character: Harold Lott. His appearance is based on Harry Enfield's obnoxious character featured in his musical hit "Loadsamoney" from the 1980s.

Harold Lott

Harold Lott Bio.png


"Crass, loud and abusive, the only reason Harold has any friends at all is because he’s loaded, a fact he never lets anyone forget. A lottery winner at the tender age of 17, Harold surprised everyone by investing his winnings, for the most part, wisely (his brief flirtation with pet cryogenics notwithstanding). Harold’s now the CEO of three successful multinational companies and owns his own money-themed porn channel. But now his beloved London is under siege from Horzine’s creations and Harold, despite his foul mouth and penchant for lighting £50 notes under the noses of tramps, loves its streets with all his heart. So he’s got a new goal, a hostile takeover of Horzine from the ground up, starting with its hideous monstrosities."

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