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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 3 Locations
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Highway to Heaven.jpg Highway to Heaven
Stuck in Limbo.jpg Stuck in Limbo
Demonic Road.jpg Demonic Road
Devil's Co-pilot.jpg Devil's Co-pilot

Hellride is the second circus themed map that's part of the Summer Sideshow Event. It is an expansion for the circus themed map Abusement Park. Hellride added a few more circus themed soundtracks for both Hellride and Abusement Park: Thrills, Spills of Entrails, Ground Finale and Bring Out the Next Act. At the start of Abusement Park, and taking a right on the path, Hellride stands out vividly, fiery with its name above the entrance. It's not possible to enter Hellride due to an non-operational mechanical ride, and obstructing barriers. Players must bare in mind, that, Hellride and Abusement Park are seperate maps.

Hellride begins near the exit with a mechanical ride, non-operational, that’s facing a bolstering heavenly path with angels, clouds, words on walls, and white-bluish coloring. Eventually, when the players follow the tracks, it will lead to all together a different path. Bats, demons with sadistic weapons, maniacal laughter, geysers of fire, and more dark-reddish path, Hell. Besides the mechanical ride and heaven and hell, there’s storage, operating and break rooms. As well, some shortcuts with stairs and long hallways.

Map layout

Trader locations

There are 3 trader locations. The first one is in a little room near to the left of the spawn. The second one is, going forward from the spawn until the huge, dark room with noteable white dots, on the back on your right. The last one is, going forward from the huge room, where the "Hell" of the map starts. It's on the left after a few meters.

Defensive positions

  • A good defensive position is near the spawn. Turn right in the first door from the spawn. Go until you see another door on your left, and then continue. The next door has to be welded in order for the tactic to work. Welding the door makes the Zeds all come the second door, so a team can easily camp there while having plenty of space to retreat.
  • An alternative is where the "Hell" of the map starts. In a full man team, 3 players stay in front, while the other three cover behind. The door has to be welded shut. This works if there is at least one support, as the door will be overrun by Zeds. This also works if from time to time the door is opened and the Zeds killed. This tactic is tricky if used in Hell on Earth, because more Specimens will spawn from the top of the tunnel


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