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The ToDo list is for people who want to contribute but are unclear of what to contribute. Here's a list of things that have to be done. Users can add more to the ToDo list but must be sure that it is not yet done and is not a Wanted Page (However, adding a new wanted page can be accepted). After completing a task in the ToDo list, please edit this page and add a "<s> </s>" between the task you have just completed with no apostrophes and move it to the completed section.


  • Map description and tactics needed for new maps from the Grindhouse competition.
  • Upload screenshots of DJ Scully which don't have the horizontal-scroll cursor visible on them.
  • Add a proper How-to_Create_a_Dedicated_Server page
  • Create a KillingFloor.ini page with detailed information about the commands available and the changes possible


  • Fix every instance of "clip" to magazine.
  • New map pictures for Icebreaker, Departed, Crash and FilthsCross adding to main page.
  • Assault rifle mag bonuses needs to be written down in the Commando page.
  • The sold price and price for each weapon should be written.
  • A list of squad responses needs completion.
  • New bonuses for the 1004 update of specific perks need to be updated. (Specifically the Commando, Support specialist and Field medic page)
  • Map-specific tactics and description needed.
  • Complete individual perk article descriptions needs to be done. (Field medic, Support specialist, Firebug, Sharpshooter and Commando)
  • Information about the Software development kit (SDK) should be compiled up there.
  • A Console commands article has not been written.
  • Complete and more specific descriptions missing for a few specimens.
  • Description of the Trader is not yet complete.
  • The Trader's quotes from voice clips should be written.
  • The Stalker page is far from complete.
  • The difficulty page has yet to be completed.
  • Picture of the Siren on the main article needed.
  • Pictures of a few specimens are missing.
  • Achievement pictures needed.
  • The Crossbow's description, tactics and advantages & disadvantages has yet to be done.
  • New and more organized main-page is in the works, but you can help out and discuss what should be done.
  • Squad member pictures need to be added.
  • Official map thumbnails needed.
  • Help clear out all the unnecessary capitalisation from the wiki. Needs to be done as soon as possible due to the style guide change.
  • Information about the Killing Floor Modification needed.
  • Example of a full-screen image is needed for the HUD.
  • Pictures of squad members are missing. (except Sergeant Powers, though a smaller sized image would be better)
  • Pictures of specimens on main page are missing.


Tasks that are irrelevant or are simply not kf-wiki-related go here! Inserting a "<span style="color: #990033;"> </span>" between the cancelled task would be nice too.

  • Killing Floor needs more tutorials in the Mapping_tutorials section.
  • Complete quotes for each squad member's voice clips should be written down in each member's page.