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Trader Knife.png

"Your movement speed is affected by your weight total. You can also run faster with a Knife rather than a gun."

The Knife, the most basic melee weapon everyone spawns with. It has a very fast attack rate and can easily cut of the heads of Clots, Bloats and Gorefasts. The Knife has an alt-fire attack which is stronger but slower and can easily kill a Gorefast with one swipe. It is much like a weaker version of the Machete, which has the same attack rate but is slightly more powerful than the Knife. The Knife's main use is for conserving ammo on the first wave of each game; a strategy for most players is to choose the Berserker perk and then simply slash all the specimens' heads off during the first wave.

As said above, the Knife also enables players to run faster when in-hand. This is ideal for players who are low on health and need to find safety or for players who just want to get to the Trader as fast as possible. Players can also use this to their advantages to get as much distance as possible from nearby specimens.

The Knife may be seen lying on the ground having been dropped by a player killed while holding it; it cannot be picked up, since every player spawns with it and cannot discard it.


  • Hit-and-run tactics work with the knife: run forward and slash, then run backwards to wait for the cool-down, then run forward and slash again, etc.
  • When confronted with overwhelming odds and a route of escape exists, swap to the knife and run away to a relatively safe area. Heal or find better positioning to deal with the rough situation.
  • Avoid engaging Sirens.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Quick attack rate.
  • Able to cut off a Clot's head in a slash or two.
  • Free.
  • A real ammo saver during the first wave.
  • No weight-blocks needed.
  • Makes players move faster when in-hand.


  • Limited range.
  • Nearly useless against the Fleshpound and Scrake, and definitely useless against the Patriarch. It is aslo generally ineffectual against most enemies other than Clots and Gorefasts.
  • Due to its weak damage, other squad members may steal your kill before you get to finish it off.
  • There are a lot of better weapons to buy; the Fire axe can be bought with the money you have at spawn.