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Male voice one Male voice two
Look out
Look out!
Watch it!
Behind you, idiot!
Look out, you plonker!
Man on!
Behind you, you tosser!
Watch you back, mate!
Wake up, you pillock! Wake up, you dozy pillock!
We're screwed! Leggit!
Run for it!
Get the hell out of here!
Damn it! Bulls up, boys!
Burn rubber, you pillocks! Oh arse! Run!
Scarper! Book it!
Oh crap, run! Burn rubber, lads!
Wait for me
Christ! Give me a breather!
Hold on for Christ's sake!
Hang about! I'm coming! Hang on! I'm coming!
Wait for me, you wankers! Wait for me, you lot!
Slow down, you arseholes! Slow down, you bastards!
Wait up! I'm coming! I'm coming! Wait up!
I'm bricking meself! Wait up! I'm bricking myself! Wait!
Weld the doors
Seal the doors, quick!
One of you pikeys weld those bloody doors! Get the doors, you lot!
Get the doors, you muppets! Weld them up tight.
Weld them tight. Get those doors welded, now!
Get those doors welded. Weld those sodding doors!
Weld those bloody doors! One of you muppets weld the doors!
Let's hole up here
Thin red line, right here boys.
Stand them off here.
This'll do. I need a breather anyway.
Nice bolt-hole, this will do.
Hunker down in here.
Let's dig in, right here. Dig in, right here.
God, remember the bleedin' alamo? Remember the bleedin' alamo?
Follow me
On me!
With me!
Right, follow me! Follow me!
This way, you prats! Get fell in, now!
Oi, plonkers! Follow me! This way, you lot!
Get fell in!


Male voice one Male voice two
Get to the Trader
Let's go shopping, chaps.
Time to stock up, lads!
Head for the Trader, guys! Head for the shop!
Make for the shops! Let's go buy guns.
Time for a car-boot sale, I feel. Make for the Trader, lads
Let's go and find the Trader. Let's go find the Trader, boys.
Go upstairs
Upstairs to bedtime, children!
Get upstairs, now!
Get up them apples! Up the stairs, guys!
Get up the stairs! Up them apples, now!
Head downstairs
Get down the stairs!
Get down there!
Head downstairs.
Going down.
Down we go. Down we go, lads.
Get outside
Out of here!
Outside, shit for brains!
Get out, you mongrels. Get outside, you mongrels.
Outside. Now! Outside. Now, lads.
Go inside
Get indoors.
Inside, and get to work. Inside, and get to work, boys.
Head inside. Head inside, lads.
Okay, get out the bloody rain. Okay, let's get out the rain.


Male voice one Male voice two
Insult specimens
Ha, call yourself a bloody zombie? Die, you useless clot sucker!
Wankers! You freaks do look better dead!
Reminds me of a bunch of pikies! You couldn't scare my mum!
You're pathetic, like a bunch of bloody Millwall fans! Pathetic! Bring it on!
You're all fur-coat, no knickers, bitches! I've seen scarier schoolgirls than you lot!
Soft as shite! It's like shooting fish in a barrel!
Bloody hell! You stink! Come on! Ya' want some, ya' poncies?!
Oooh! Thats just nasty! Try harder, ya smelly bastards!
You're too soft to be a zombie!
It's like Croydon on a Friday night!
Insult players
My granny shoots better than you! Do I have to kill every zombie myself?
Wayne Rooney's smarter than you! You can join in any time.
Smeghead! God almighty, you're a waste of space!
You gormless tosser! You daft wanker!
Oh, get on with it! Plod! What a plonker!
You prat! Oh, do try to keep up!
Need to borrow my specs, mate? Oh, come on. Keep up, mate, will ya'?
Who do you think you are? Bleed action men. I've met smarter donkeys than you lot!
You muppet! Bloody frog would be more use than you!

Automatic alerts

Male voice one Male voice two
When healing another player
Stand still, or I'll stick it where the sun don't bloody shine. Stay put while I heal you!
Stand still, will ya'? I'm tryin' to heal ya. Stand still! I'm trying to help.
Stand still. Do I look like I'm nickin' stuff?! Stand still, ya' clown.
I'm trying to heal you, not bloody tickle you. I'm trying to heal you, not shag you.
Stay put, you div.
When reloading
Reloading! New mag!
Can't you see I'm reloading?! I'm reloading. Cover me!
Cover me, I'm reloading! Watch it, I'm reloading!
New mag, give me a sec'! Wait up! New mag in!
Hold on a tick! I'm reloading! Give me a sec! I'm reloading.
When out of ammo
I'm out of ammo!
I'm all out of ammo! Me ammo's all gone!
All my ammo's gone! Oh crap, I'm out of ammo!
Oh God, I'm out of ammo! Oh, bugger it! I'm all out!
Running on empty now! Bugger! No rounds left!
Nothing but fumes left. Oh Christ, I'm out!
Nothing left, guys!
When welding a door
No bastard's comin' through here!
Ah, I am welding this door! I told you! I am welding this door!
Keep back! I'm welding! Closing time!
Instant lock in, boys. It's closing time!
That'll keep the sods out. Ok, boss. No one's coming this way.
Ok gov'na, no one's coming this way. I'm welding, stand back boys.
Puttin' the wood in the 'ole, guv'nor. That'll keep the buggers out.
Instant-locking, lads.
When unwelding a door
Bosh! Door's open!
I'm unwelding this one!
I'm bloody opening it!
You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off. I know! You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off.
I'm cutting this one open! I'm cutting this one open, lads!
Opening this door!
When low on health
I'm dying! Do something!
Don't just stand there! Save me!
I'm dying here! Help me! I'm dying here, you idiots!
I'm dying here, you bloody idiots! I'm on my last legs here!
I'm on my bloody last legs! I'm bleedin' knackered!
Do something, or I'm brown bread! I'm done in, you prats! Help me!
I'm bloody knackered! Do something, or I'm screwed!
Help me, or I'll be pushing up the bloody daisies! Help me, or I'm pushing up the daisies!
I'm done in, you arseholes! Help me!
When dropping money
Money money money!
It's raining money!
Loads of money!
Dosh! Grab it while you can, lads. Dosh! Grab it while it's hot.
Who needed money? Okay, cash here! Someone grab it.
Cash here! Grab it all. Here's some cash, guys. Someone take it.

Other automatic alerts

Male voice one Male voice two
When a Bloat vomits
Christ, that stuff burns! Get away!
Damn! That stuff looks nasty!
That stings like a bad curry!
Oh God, don't step in it!
When an enemy burns to death
Barbecue tonight?
Burn, you bastard! Burn!
It's toasty time! Yeah, toasty!
When a player is grabbed by a Clot
Christ, I can't move! Get off me, you bloody nonce!
Christ, get this thing off me!
Let go, you bastard!
The smelly buggers grabbed me!
When a Stalker is killed with a melee weapon
Give us a kiss while you're still warm! I'd rather kiss a pig.
I don't kiss dead tarts. There's a kiss, bitch!
I've never kissed a dead tart before. Kiss that!
When the Patriarch uses his chaingun
Bloody nora, he's got a machine gun!
Christ, what else has that bastard got up his sleeve? Mother of God, what else has that bastard got up his sleeve?
A chaingun, you gotta be kidding! A chaingun? You've got to be kidding!
A machine gun for an arm? No effin' way! A machine gun for an arm? Oh, no fucking way!
When the Patriarch goes invisible
Do me a bloody favour. He can go invisible?
Crap! That bastard vanished!
He goes bloody invisible too? He goes sodding invisible too?
Bloody hell, where'd he go? Sodding hell! Where'd he go?
When the Patriarch uses his rocket launcher
Rockets, too? Now he's really taking the piss.
Oh bloody, hell, he's got rockets too.
Bloody hell! Duck! Bleeding hell! Duck!
What is this? Bloody Guy Fawkes? What is this? Sodding Guy Fawkes night?
When the Siren screams within range of a player
Hell, she could hurt someone with that voice.
Bugger that! She can break glass with that scream. Oh, bugger! She can break glass with that scream.
Shoot the bitch! She's doing my head in! Kill the bitch! She's making my head spin!
When a Crawler is spotted
Ugh... creepy crawlies? I suppose the little bastards jump too.
Ugh... a bug! Someone step on it! Ew, a bug! Someone step on it!
I always hated bloody spiders. Oh crap, they hop too!
Oh bloody hell, they hop too!
When a Fleshpound is spotted
God, he's all lit up!
Bloody hell, what's he got on his arms?
Christ, don't let that big bugger near me! Oh geez, that one's big.
Oh, crap. Don't let that big bugger near me! Geez, that's a big one.
When a Gorefast is spotted
He's gonna hurt someone if he ain't careful!
Jesus, mind that bloody great knife! Jesus, mind that fucking great blade!
Christ! He's been out in the sun for too long! Hell, has he been out in the sun for too long?
When a Scrake is spotted
Mind where you're waving that, pal!
Please tell me that is not a chainsaw he's carrying!
A chainsaw? You have got to be kidding me, pal. A chainsaw? Oh, you have got to be kidding me.
Oh God, it's chainsaw massacre time! God, chainsaw massacre time!
When a Siren is spotted
Get her before she gets too close!
Christ! She's ugly! For God's sake, don't let her scream! Crap, she's ugly! For God's sake, don't let her scream!
Kill her, quick! Before she opens her gob! Kill her before she opens her gob!
When a Stalker is heard
I hear her, but where the hell is she?
Invisible women out to kill ya? Oh, great.
Damn! It's that invisible bitch again! Damnit! Invisible bitch again!
When wielding the axe
Come on if you think you're hard enough!
In your face, pal!
Come get some of this, you ugly bastards! Come get some, you ugly bastards!
Stitch that, you arsehole! Stitch this, you arseholes!
When wielding the L.A.W.
This is a real weapon.
Okay. No more mister bloody nice guy! Okay, no more mister nice guy!
Now I am going to get serious. Now, I am getting serious.
When wielding dual handcannons
Yeah, one in each hand.
Two bloody great handfuls. Nice one.
.50 cal fun time! Two bloody great handfuls!
.50 calibre time! This'll sort you bastards.
When wielding the Hunting shotgun
Boomstick time!
Both barrels for you bastards! Both barrels for you, you bastards.
Now this is a big sodding gun!

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