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The M14 EBR, or simply M14, is the tier 3 weapon for the Sharpshooter. M14 is a semi-automatic battle rifle with a 20-round magazine. It is equipped with a laser sight that allows you to lay down precise shots quickly without engaging the iron sights. It is very effective against both strong and fast specimens, such as the Fleshpound and the Crawler, due to its high damage per shot and fast aiming capability with the laser sights on.

Unfortunately, the M14's headshot damage capabilities are beaten by the Crossbow as it does a lower damage than the crossbow. Even so, the M14 has a higher DPS (Damage per second) than the crossbow and is a hitscan weapon unlike the crossbow. For these reasons, the M14 is the superior sharpshooter weapon choice, and sharpshooters should always consider saving up for it.

The M14 is tied to the Dot of Doom achievement.


  • Always keep the laser sight on (alt-fire) and learn to aim with it. M14 kills most specimen with one headshot and can be aimed incredibly fast with the laser sight, even while moving. Fleshpounds take 3 headshots on suicidal.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Laser sights allows you to aim precisely and fast.
  • Effective against all specimen, on all ranges.
  • Fast reload.


  • Lower headshot damage per shot when compared with the Crossbow.
  • Expensive.

Bugs and Exploits


The Sharpshooter perk gets a discount on the M14 EBR from the Trader.

Weapon cost


Ammo cost