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{{Weapon values by level
{{Weapon values by level
|base_cost = 5000
|base_cost = 1375
|discount0 = 75
|discount0 = 10
|discount1 = 77
|discount1 = 20
|discount2 = 79
|discount2 = 30
|discount3 = 81
|discount3 = 40
|discount4 = 83
|discount4 = 50
|discount5 = 85
|discount5 = 60
|discount6 = 87
|discount6 = 70
|col1_name = Damage
|col1_name = Damage

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Field Medic
MP5M Medic Gun
Trader Mp5Medic.png
Pricing: £5000 (£3750)
Weight: 3 blocks
Ammo: 32 Hud Ammo Clip.png 12 (400)
Hud Syringe.png 100 (recharges)
Ammo cost: £10 – £125
Related achievements
I love ze Healing not ze Hurting.jpg I love ze Healing not ze Hurting

Following on from Horzine's earlier experiments with healing darts, they have now provided the Medic with an MP5 machine pistol, mounting a dart-firing device. —Trader description 

The MP5M is an MP5 submachine gun modified for use by medics. Pressing alt-fire will shoot darts that function just like the Medical syringe, effectively making it a ranged version of said tool. It is generally of no use to other perks due to its low damage and high cost, but if given by a high-level field medic it can still be a cost-effective addition to team healing capability due to its low weight. The MP5M does not share its charge with the Medical syringe or the other medic guns, meaning that if the MP5M is out of charge, players can use their Medical syringe or a different medic gun. The only disadvantage of the MP5M's medical dart is that players cannot heal themselves with it, and are forced to rely on the Medical syringe in an urgency. This weapon generates recoil that will slow the player down if fired while moving; the healing darts do not have this effect.


Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Magazine Size
Base 0% £1375 £1031 30 32
0 10% £1238 £927 30 35
1 20% £1100 £824 30 38
2 30% £962 £721 30 44
3 40% £825 £618 30 51
4 50% £688 £515 30 57
5 60% £550 £412 30 64
6 70% £413 £308 30 64


  • It is highly advisable to carry at least another weapon to compensate for the MP5M's lackluster offensive power. Popular options include the Lever-action rifle, Hunting shotgun, Crossbow and Katana among others. It is also possible to pair it with the MP7M and/or M7A3 or Schneidzekk to significantly increase your healing capacity; at high levels, carrying more than one medic gun allows to fire healing darts virtually non-stop.
  • This weapon's clear sight and manageable recoil, coupled with its large magazine capacity, make it moderately effective at long range against weaker threats.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Allows healing from range.
  • Multiplies your healing capacity, as it doesn't share charge with the Medical syringe.
  • Relatively cheap for medics.
  • More powerful and controllable than the MP7M.
  • Low weight; half of the M7A3's.
  • Easy to aim red dot sight.
  • Plenty of backup magazines.
  • Healing darts recharge faster than the MP7M and M7A3.
  • Has the highest magazine capacity than other mediguns.
  • Has a somewhat high rate of fire, with easy control leads to a good use for crowd control.
  • Has 50% higher injection potency than MP7 and healing syringe.


  • Low damage per shot.
  • Slow reload.
  • Extremely expensive when off-perked.
  • Slower than the MP7M.
  • Less stopping power than the M7A3.
  • Fast ROF can lead to frequent reload.

Bugs and exploits

  • Healing dart hits don't register consistently. This is determined if the impact uses a wall ricochet effect (rather then the MP5M's green splatter), or if the healing text is absent when it shouldn't. This is more prevalent in servers where you have a high ping. The opposite may also happen.


  • The MP5M is the third most expensive weapon in the game, after the M7A3 and Schneidzekk, which cost £7500 and £10000 respectively.


The MP5M is a H&K MP5A4 modified with the capacity to shoot heal darts, a red dot sight, and a black and dark green color scheme. It appears to possess an integrated underbarrel flashlight, which is not usable in-game.


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