MP7M medic gun

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The MP7M modified submachine gun is a great tool to any Medic's arsenal. In addition to normal fire, it can shoot Heal Darts that function just like the Medical syringe does. While all medics should carry this gun, it is useless to other perks due to its low damage, very low base magazine size and high cost.


  • Fire short, controlled bursts. This SMG shoots nearly 20 rounds per second!
  • Use the Alt-fire heal darts whenever you need to heal teammates away from you. Remember that you can use the medical syringe to heal nearby teammates while heal darts are recharging.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Allows healing from range.
  • Doubles your healing capacity.
  • Cheap for medics.
  • Extremely fast rate of fire.


  • Low damage per shot.

Bugs and Exploits


The Medic perk gets a discount on the MP7M from the Trader.

Weapon cost


Ammo cost