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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 4 locations
Related achievements
20px The Boss
20px Hard Boss
20px Mad Boss

"High above Horzine's infamous Biotics Laboratory stands the corporate face of the twisted organization. Local police forces were penned in and wholesale slaughtered when they converged on the entrance. The Horzine offices were undergoing a renovation at the time of the outbreak. Because of this, large portions of the building are closed off."

Offices is a map which takes place in a three-storey office building and its neighbouring car park. It is one of the four maps to have originated from the Killing Floor mod, created by Alex Quick. Players take control of the team in the car park in front of a barricaded gate facing the smashed lobby entrance of the building. It is quite a hard map, as players can be attacked by specimens from many different directions, and it is easy to become trapped.

Map layout

The map is centred around the office building from which it takes its name. From the ground floors there are two stairwells up, one at the left of the lobby one at the rear of the building which ascends all the way to the roof. There are two other small stairways which ascend from the first to the second floor near the floors two traders. Along the front and rear of the building on all but the ground floor there are large windows which the player can fall through. The majority of which cause a players death but the lower front windows can be survived at a loss of between 70 and 85 health, which can be used as a quick escape or a shortcut to the lower trader.

Trader locations

There are four traders on the map, one on the ground floor a short distance from spawn and two on the first floor; one overlooking car park, one at the rear of the building. The final trader is on the top floor also overlooking the car park.

Defensive positions

  • Although the stairs are a danger if you are outmanoeuvred by specimens, a team with great coordination will be able to survive. With enough dedicated men (i.e., one for the top, looking into the upper hallways, and one for the bottom, looking towards the traders corridor, is necessary, though more would be desirable) it is possible to hold the stairs connecting the second and third floors, next to the trader by the open window. This tactic requires tight coordination between team members and lots of experience to handle reload times. However, the AI will eventually grow a brain and spawn enough specimens to trap you and your squad there. One person defending each end, with a Field medic running back and forth between between them would suffice. Ideally a Berserker, a Support specialist or a Commando would be preferred for each door, but Sharpshooters or Firebugs will do. Demolition men are not really suitable for defending on the frontline, but can fire grenades over the heads of the players who are on the frontline.
  • In the bottom corridor next to the lower most Trader you will find an incredibly good hold point. If you weld shut the door at the far end of the corridor (leading to the stairs) you will be able to mass your firepower on the specimens approaching from the front. To prevent yourself getting attacked from the rear, you should allocate one member of your team to supervise the rear door (preferably a Support specialist) to keep it welded up, or to tackle any specimens that break in (where he should warn the team).
  • Another good place to hold up is the "U" shaped stairs leading to the roof. Weld as many of the doors on the third floor,the "H" shaped place with a trader location, shut. Afterwards all specimens will be funnelled through the single door on the third floor and the long strip on the roof. These stairs can be held by two Sharpshooters armed with Crossbows, high enough level, and skill.


  • There is a trick on the doors that all lead to the staircase; if you back into the corner on the side of the door that swings open towards. When a specimen (Or player) opens that door onto you, you will be closed in the corner until It is re-opened. Specimens have no AI for closing doors, so if your friends are on the roof and you have just spawned, this is a good tactic to use if you don't have enough fire power to reach the roof.
  • If you are on the second floor by the trader next to a window, then you can jump out of the window and onto the car below to escape from nearby specimens. This costs 60-70 health, or up to 85 if you fall on the ground instead of the car.
  • If you are a Demolition, it's advised to stay on the roof or by the trader at the bottom corridor, to make sure you will have enough room to avoid any oncoming specimens. If you consider yourself a skilled Demoman, or have a good team with you, you will do fine on all floors and stairs.