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=== Bounty ===
=== Bounty ===
Under most normal circumstances it is impossible to do anything with the bounty received from the Patriarch other than throw it around in the post game freeze frame; it is rewarded to the player that makes the killing blow nevertheless.
Under most normal circumstances it is impossible to do anything with the bounty received from the Patriarch other than throw it around in the post game freeze frame.
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The Patriarch

"The Patriarch. This is the Big One. Chain-gun. Rockets. And vicious up close, too!"

"Patriarch addendum: Did we forget to brief you? Yes, it seems he can cloak when he needs to heal. Luckily, only a couple of times in his short, angry life."

The Patriarch is the final boss of Killing Floor, appearing in the final wave of each game. He is the most powerful and heavily armed specimen on the game, being equipped with a minigun, rocket launcher, a cloaking system and three single use healing syringes. He is also the fastest creature on the game, easily outrunning all players and specimens, however he makes use of this after being injured either to run and heal or to retaliate against a specific player.

While the Patriarch never appeared in the Killing Floor mod he was in development as part of a major update. This was shortly before Tripwire adopted the game for retail development so the update was never released.



Attacks and abilities

There is a wide variety of offensive materials at the disposal of the Patriarch. Attached to his left arm is a heavy weapons platform with both a rocket launcher and a minigun attachment. The use of these attacks are well telegraphed with a preceding taunt and loading sequence. The main distinguishing mark between the two is the vocal taunt; when he is readying the minigun he says either "Time for a more direct approach" or "This is the end of you!" and when loading the rocket launcher he says "Wait right there, Hahahahaha!", "One in the pipe" or "Stay there I'll make this quick.".

When fighting in close combat the Patriarch effectively has two attacks: he can strike you with either his gun arm or claw, both of which do approximately the same amount of damage; he can thrust the tentacles on his chest at the player, which do approximately half the damage of the claw. Both attacks will send the player flying through the air and are immediately preceded by very short animations distinguishing them apart, either in the form of drawing one of the arms back or by squatting slightly before the tentacle attacks.

Similar to Stalkers the Patriarch has the ability to cloak him self and render himself invisible, unlike Stalkers the Patriarchs' cloaking system leaves no naturally occurring visible trace of its location


At the start of the final wave the game swaps to a third person view of the Patriarch doing his introduction taunt and walking towards the player. The camera will then return to first person and when the Patriarch first sees the players he will take a pot-shot with a rocket.

He turns invisible to retreat when he needs to heal. After healing, he will often return to the players while still remaining invisible and launch a melee attack, sometimes de-cloaking in the midst of the group. The Patriarch also summons specimens every time he goes off to heal. When he uses the first syringe, Clots will be summoned. The next syringe he uses will bring out Clots and Crawlers. He will summon Clots, Crawlers and Stalkers while using his last syringe and may even come back unexpectedly if you don't finish off these specimens fast enough.

Historic data

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to the Patriarch as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

Due to the Patriarch being planned to be added so late in the mods development, he never saw official release during the mods life. Development screenshots and videos were released of him, and the mesh that would have been used is still visible in the source files, but it overlapped with the development of the retail version and so was never released. The main difference between the two are purely aesthetic. Aside from the graphical upgrade, there are a few minor differences: the weapons platform attached to his left arm was different, and on the mod his eye wasn't sticking out.


Kevin Clamely, the Patriarchs original identity, was the CEO and founder of Horzine Biotech, the company responsible for the outbreak in London. He was hired by the government to create the perfect soldier—something that wouldn't experience pain or fear, and wouldn't question or reason. London was to be used as a staging ground—a test of Horzine's accomplishments. Kevin thought of the clones as his "children" and "family" because they were the only companions he had left.

Sergeant Masterson was Horzine's last project before the outbreak. He escaped from the Biotics Labs below the city through the sewer system to the city above, hoping that he could rebel against his mad creators. Sadly, this is what Kevin wanted all along; Masterson led his soldiers into combat, and they were killed just as Kevin had planned. With the British Disaster Response Force eliminated, nobody could stand in the way of the clones.

Horzine's methods were deemed too immoral even for such a controversial project, and were shut down. However, the project didn't want to be shut down. In a second complex deep underneath the city of London, the experiments continued.

Eventually, he realized that his work was in jeopardy. His scientists were leaving and he feared that someone may reveal his secret work to a world that wouldn't understand or even allow it. In a final act to save his dream, he asked the remaining scientists to take the most advance pieces of technology at their disposal, and use the methods they had perfected over the course of their work to implant them into him:

  • An updated version of the cloaking device used on project Stalker
  • Three modified neuro-stimulation systems similar to those used on project Guardian
  • A nerve-controlled weapons platform on his left arm.

Finally, he underwent the same "gene-enhancing" process that all the specimens underwent, but with all the safeties off and the process running at full capacity. As Kevin walked out of the test chamber, he knew he had become as perfect as any human could hope to be.

When humans started murdering his "children", he knew that it was time to take the fight to them. Armies fell before him, none seemed to be able to kill him, or even harm him. He would continue his work alone, and create and protect more of his specimens until the day he someone could finally work out how to kill him.


  • It is advisable to find cover when he stops to ready one of his long range weapons which are:
    • His rocket launcher, often a one-hit kill. Splash damage can also kill in one hit.
    • His chain-gun, usually fired twice on a certain target. If the target does not find cover quickly, they will die within seconds of exposure.
  • After firing his chain-gun, the Patriarch often cloaks and charges up to a squad member while invisible, launching a tentacle melee attack when in close. His tentacles blasts the victim backwards, which can actually be used to the player's advantage as it distances them from the Patriarch, and buys time for other squad members. However, if others don't distract the Patriarch, he will usually attack the same target and a second hit often results in death. Alternatively, he may follow up with the rocket launcher, which is easier to dodge.
  • Players using the Commando perk can see the Patriarch when he cloaks to heal or sneak in.
  • If hit hard enough to be "stunned" the Patriarch will fall to one knee. This is the best time to "'nade spam", throwing all of your Grenades at him, and focus your fire. It is even possible to chain stun him with a powerful and lucky barrage.
  • After incurring sufficient damage, the Patriarch will cloak and flee at an extremely high speed. It is impossible to chase him while he's running, but you can catch him in the act of healing. Once he's sufficiently distant from each player, he will stop and inject himself with one of his vials. It is possible to interrupt his healing by attacking him during this time.

Other notes:

  • The Patriarch is the fastest enemy in the game when running. Players usually can't outrun him, depending on their perk, perk level, and difficulty.
  • When the Patriarch attacks with his tentacle, he knocks the player back. If the player jumps right before getting hit, the player will be knocked back farther, with no additional damage, unless they fall to a lower level. This is an excellent way to escape his subsequent attacks.
  • When the Patriarch stops to fire his chain-gun or rocket launcher, taking cover is advised. In an open area, with timing and focus, the rocket can be consistently dodged. However, if he is aiming in another direction, it is advisable to throw hand grenades, as he is rooted to the spot for a few seconds.
  • Do not attempt to fight him in an area without hard cover. Both the chain-gun and rocket launcher are extremely effective at any range, and putting a solid obstacle between yourself and him is the best way to avoid them.
  • If players lure the Patriarch into a room with only one exit, and then weld the exit closed as the Patriarch enters, the players can trap him. When the Patriarch takes enough damage and tries to flee, he will have to break down the door, which you can interrupt by further damaging him. This is an effective tactic to prevent him from healing.
  • The Patriarch attacks doors with his rocket launcher. During this time, he is rooted in position. However, the rocket inflicts splash damage through some doors, and always inflicts splash damage when the door is destroyed by the rocket. The decision to attempt to repair the door, or let it be destroyed, should not be taken lightly.
  • It is impossible to take his head off unless it is the final blow to killing the Patriarch.
  • Pipe bombs are not recommended to be placed tightly together. Usually when the Patriarch is cloaked, he will run straight past them before they explode, taking minimum damage. Put some distant in between each bomb for better results.

Health chart

The base hit points of the Patriarch is 4000; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 3000 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 2000 4000 5400 6200 7000
2 3500 7000 9450 10850 12250
3 5000 10000 13500 15500 17500
4 6500 13000 17550 20150 22750
5 8000 16000 21600 24800 28000
6 9500 19000 25650 29450 33250


Under most normal circumstances it is impossible to do anything with the bounty received from the Patriarch other than throw it around in the post game freeze frame.

Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal
£1000 £500 £425 £325

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