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Promotional characters
Includes: Harchier Spebbington, Red Pyro, Blue Pyro, Bill "Baddest Santa" Weeks, Steampunk Mr. Foster, Herman the German, Nikolai
Portrait of Harchier Spebbington. Portrait of Red Pyro. Portrait of Blue Pyro. Portrait of Bill "Baddest Santa" Weeks. Portrait of Steampunk Mr. Foster. Portrait of Herman the German. Portrait of Nikolai. Portrait of Commando Chicken. Portrait of Ash Harding.

Promotional characters are characters made available via achievements, other games, or through other such promotional offers. Currently there are eight promotional characters: Harchier Spebbington, from another Tripwire title The Ball; the Pyro, from Valve's Team Fortress 2; Bill Weeks, a man in a Santa costume dubbed the 'Baddest Santa', available for a limited time during the Twisted Christmas period; a Steampunk styled Mr. Foster, available for a limited time during the Summer Sideshow period; Commando Chicken, available for a limited time during the Halloween Event period; George "Herman the German" and Nikolai become available after one succesfully purchases the digital deluxe edition of Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad; and Ash Harding, first playable female character that is currently accessible only for those who own Killing Floor Golden Edition. TWI has announced that they will be releasing her as a DLC during August of this year. During the 2011, April 1st update the character biographies that were available at that time were changed, with the note in the change log mentioning #Potato Fools Day!

Harchier Spebbington

Harchier Spebbington Portrait.jpg And Harchier thought fighting mummies in an ancient volcano with a giant mystical ball was weird... Finding himself in the streets of London fighting seemingly infinite waves of mutants and monsters makes him wish the ball was still close by. This time he'll have to make do with automatic weapons, flamethrowers and explosives. Harchier Spebbington.png

The Pyro

Red Pyro Portrait.jpg Blue Pyro Portrait.jpg Only two things are known for sure about the mysterious Pyro: he sets things on fire and he/she doesn't speak. In fact, only the part about setting things on fire is undisputed. Some believe his occasional rasping wheeze may be an attempt to communicate through a mouth obstructed by a filter and attached to lungs ravaged by constant exposure to her/his asbestos-lined suit. Either way, he's/she's a fearsome, inscrutable, on-fire Frankenstein of a...thing Pyro Red.png Pyro Blue.png

Bill "Baddest Santa" Weeks

Santa Portrait.jpg Bill Weeks didn't think he could stoop any lower than a part-time job as the Mall Santa. But the little girl weeing on him screaming "He's the Baddest Santa Evuh!", followed by being fired, took it down yet another notch, so Bill went down the pub to drown his sorrows. Coming out to the next morning he had no job, a filthy headache and a truly evil temper. And the world was full of monsters. Bill picked up a handy shottie and waded in. "I'll show you the Baddest Santa, you BEEEEEEEEP Baddest Santa.png
Bad Santa.jpg
Bad Santa
Unlock 10 of the 13 Christmas Achievements along with any Christmas Map achievement.

Steampunk Mr. Foster

Steampunk Mr. Foster Portrait.jpg In some alternate universe, day traders are considered cool and desirable. In that alternate universe they get cool Steampunk gear to wear and don't write sad little autobiographies that no-one cares about. And, just for once, something in the original Foster's mind seems to have leaked over into the real world. Won't he be surprised? Steampunk Mr Foster.png
Unlock 10 of the 13 Circus Achievements along with any Abusement Park achievement.

George "Herman The German"

Herman the German portrait.jpg George was known as 'Herman the German' to his colleagues at work, for his unhealthy obsession with every tiny detail of his German WW2 uniform collection. He had been happily accepting the plaudits of his fellow re-enactors regarding his new replica Gasmaske Modell 1930/38 when THEY arrived. Beating off a bunch of monsters was not the use he had in mind for his replica MKb 42(H) - but it worked well enough!" poop Herman the German.jpg


Nikolai portrait.jpg Nikolay actually is Russian. And his uniform was the envy of all the re-enactors for being completely real, having belonged to his grandfather. It was a complete mess, which Nickolay secretly could care less about. But it tended to get him a lot of free beer at the events. His subsequent drunken shouting in Russian was all assumed to be part of the act. Suddenly taking to stabbings things wasn't - but it was too late to worry about by then. Nikolai.jpg

Commando Chicken

Commando Chicken portrait.jpg Special Inspector Edmund Cook arrived to the West End Central Police station halloween party wearing his prized chicken suit. He had witnessed a lot of brutality on the force, but something in him snapped when the Horzine Outbreak reached his precinct during the party. He suited up for combat still wearing the costume, and now he won't take it off. Maybe it helps hide the pain, helps hide the inhumanity he feels massacring the hordes of specimens. Commando Chicken.png
Rule The Roost.jpg
Rule The Roost
Get all 6 achievements and unlock Commando Chicken.

Ash Harding

Female Soldier Portrait.png Few know Ashley Harding is the daughter of Benny the Diamond, the East End's most feared underworld boss. But rather than embrace a life of lawlessness and wealth, Harding chose to follow her dream of becoming an officer in the British Army. After years earning the grudging respect of her male peers, Harding finally made captain - just as the Horzine nightmare erupted to destroy her ambitions, drowning Harding's elite military unit in blood and madness. Now Ash is a one-woman army driven by the need to push back the darkness and tear evil a new one. Ash Harding.png

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