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The Scrake

"The Scrake. Yes, that is a chainsaw he's carrying. Nothing subtle about him!"

The Scrake is not a particularly speedy foe. It lumbers along unsteadily toward its target, favoring its heavier arm - the site of a grafted chainsaw. The Scrake is like a more powerful, albiet slower, version of the Gorefast as it obviously does massive damage with its chainsaw. In combat, the specimen is capable of delivering a series of extremely deadly blows from its chainsaw arm which tends to catch the victim's body and pull him in still closer. Such attacks have been known to impale people entirely and, as the unlucky prey struggle to pull free, make mincemeat of their innards. Scrake's skin is like a thick, leathery hide. Because of that, they are highly resistant to small firearms and feel almost no pain, proven by their laughing dying corpse.

A Scrake has two modes of attack, one he swings his chainsaw around and another were he quickly brings up his chainsaw for mild damage. He stops to attack and has a delay, this is dodged by simply not stopping or moving quickly backwards before he brings his chainsaw forward. Like the Gorefast, the Scrake also has an ability to charge forward to their targets at an extremely fast pace when he is close, although he will only do this on low health (About 2 Hunting Shotgun alt-fire blasts will be enough to make him charge). Faster than the Gorefast's charge, but sometimes after the initial charge, he will move ridiculously slowly, it is unclear whether this is intentional or a bug.

Scrakes can actually be easily defeated even on 1 on 1 circumstances. Since the Scrake moves rather slow, a player would likely shoot its face while back-pedalling with powerful guns like Handcannons and Shotguns. Players must take caution though as the Scrake can now attack while moving, this was added in the 1004 update. A Scrake can be easily killed with a Fire axe or Chainsaw's secondary, as both of these attacks stun it. Just because the Scrake is slow does not mean he cannot kill or injure you. A player who is careless or gets grabbed by a Clot can be in great danger when dealing with the Scrake.

A good tactic for dealing with a scrake in fairly close quarters, is to run into it's melee range, inciting it to attack, and then move backwards and attack while it swings. Repeating this process will often save you from having to flee your defensive position of choice, or the help of your team mates. The most effective method of killing the Scrake is using the Hunting shotgun. With three blasts from both barrels, the Scrake will die on normal. Two players with Hunting shotguns can accomplish this with incredibly deceptive ease.


Scrakes were designed to be the perfect field medic, able to take hideous amounts of pain while working on their patients in the field. While it was considered success because the Scrake could take an absolutely astounding amount of damage, it was considered a horrible failure at the same time. He could only learn by having wounds inflicted on himself, and much like the Gorefast, he became quite interested in pain.