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*Powerful up close and deadly to most specimens.
*Powerful up close and deadly to most specimens.
*Penetrates enemies.
*Penetrates enemies.
*Has a tactical flashlight.
*Fast cooldown.
*Fast cooldown.

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The Shotgun (Benelli M3), the main weapon for the Support specialist perk. It's main and obvious use is for close range encounters. The Shotgun is the weapon that is mostly used by Support specialists due to the fact that it is cheap and devastating. Although the Hunting shotgun is more powerful and shoots faster than the Shotgun, Shotguns can store more ammo at once and reloads a lot faster compared to the Hunting shotgun. The fact that it can reload faster than the Hunting shotgun does not mean it reloads entirely fast, it's still one of the weapons that takes the longest to reload all eight shells and therefore players are advised to spend their shots wisely. It is also the only weapon other than the 9mm tactical pistol to have a flash-light.

The Shotgun, like all primary weapons, may be found lying on the ground, randomly spawned by the game.


  • After blasting one shell into a specimen that did not die, it's best to step back and wait for the Shotguns' cooldown and come forward and fire point-blank at it again (repeat until it dies).
  • Using the iron-sights can help you aim to get a point-blank headshot, however, you move a lot slower while looking through it.
  • Never use the shotgun at long or medium range, you will just waste ammo. Even using the 9mm tactical pistol would be better and far more accurate than shooting at medium range with a Shotgun. If you are out of pistol ammo, just don't bother shooting or just get close to your target first.
  • Fleshpounds are dangerous to Support specialists as the Fleshpound does a ridiculously large amount of damage on Hard and Suicidal, one or two blasts will enrage it and you'll be dead in less than a second. The best way to take down a Fleshpound is to coordinate with your team and attack it together for minimal injuries for anyone.
  • Reloading the Shotgun whenever you have the time is important as players usually won't have much time to reload in later waves.
  • To take advantage of penetration and spread, crouch before firing into a large group of weak enemies. The flatter trajectory will pass through more enemies than while standing.

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Powerful up close and deadly to most specimens.
  • Penetrates enemies.
  • Has a tactical flashlight.
  • Fast cooldown.
  • Iron-sights.
  • Can interrupt reloading animation to shoot.


  • Ammunition finishes fast if not conserved properly.
  • Takes a long time to reload all the shells and have barely any time to reload all the shells in the late waves.
  • Inefficient against enemies at medium range.
  • Useless against enemies at long range.


The Support specialist perk gets a discount on the Shotgun from the Trader, and spawns with it at Level 5.

Weapon cost


Ammo cost