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Menu Stalker.png
Base statistics:
Bounty: £15
Health: 100
Damage: 9
Movement speeds:
Walking: 200
Swimming: 180
Related achievements
Fending off Mrs. Claws.jpg Fending off Mrs. Claws
Assistant Homicide.jpg Assistant Homicide

The Stalker will be largely cloaked and very hard to see, until she is close enough to gut you. Listen carefully for her. —Loading screen tip 

The Stalker is rather a weak but fast specimen with the ability to render herself to be camouflaged. Making it difficult for players to see her, especially, at far distances. She can be barely seen, and muttering and breathing from her can be heard. Giving the player a chance to pinpoint her. For a brief moment, she’ll reveal herself when attacking a nearby player, and attempt to reenter camouflaged state. Players have chosen the Commando perk however, regardless if she’s not close enough to attack, Stalkers will be revealed immediately within a specific range, based on the perk level. Stalkers appear early on as the waves progress. When they appear, they make their way directly towards the player. Sadly, the Stalker’s health is low but, she has been granted with increased speed and the ability to camouflage. At times her life is short lived, however, they’re killed by players accidentally when caught in the line of fire, explosions from grenades or pipe bombs, or set ablaze from a Flamethrower, or the alike.


The summer event skin of the Stalker, dubbed the lovely assistant.


The Stalker is one of only two types of specimens with female form, the other being the Siren. When visible, the Stalker's skin is pale and stained with blood. Her eyes are blueish-white and she only has hair on the right side of the head; the left side is bald with a large scar. Several other large scars can be found dotted around their torso. She wears several fabric bands and black frilly underwear, but no shirt or top covering.


For the Twisted Christmas update, she was re-skinned, and dubbed Mrs. Claws. This skin depicts a blond-haired female humanoid wearing a red miniskirt with white trim, a red shawl with a cloth barely covering her breasts, and red-and-white stalkings saturated with blood. She also appears to be wearing gold-framed glasses and a gas mask with the visor broken.

For the Summer Sideshow update she was re-skinned into the lovely assistant. This skin depicts blond-haired female humanoid wearing a red, black and gold corset, a black and red magician's top hat, black and gold gloves, and red and gold boots with black laces and black fish-net stockings. She is also wearing a black thong and black leather straps on her legs. Her face near her mouth is torn, showing beast-like teeth inside. This Stalker is slightly different with her invisibility appearance. Instead of being a barely noticeable shadow of the stalker themselves, the Lovely Assistant skin makes the character shimmer. This is much more noticeable than its standard appearance. For the Halloween Sideshow her skin was based off of the Summer Sideshow, but the costume is black and instead of an Assisstant's Hat, she is wearing a witch hat.


Although the Stalker’s simple tactic is the element of surprise by using her camouflage, she moves directly towards the player without any fancy or specified paths. When she gets close enough and attacks, either the player is unaware or is aware, her camouflage wears off for a brief moment. Her location is revealed to any observing players. Players are given a chance by pinpointing her either by spotting, or listen for mutterings or breathing. Stalkers are found in duos or trios, or in a large groups sometimes, to stalk and kill the player.


Created by Project Stalker in Horzine Research Bunker 6 deep in the Wyre forest, Players can find the remnants of the lab that led to the rise of this specimen. Failed Stalker experiments lay on the table phasing in and out of camouflage. A glimpse of the lab's descent into madness can be found on the lab walls and floors: phrases such as "Hide and go Eat" and "You are the prettiest when I can't see you."


Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
 Total health  50 100 135 155 175
 Head health  13 25 34 39 44
 Bounty  £30 £15 £12 £9

A Stalker's base health total health is 100, and head health is 25. These figures are then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1.35 on hard, and 1.75 for suicidal. The base bounty value is £15, this is then multiplied by 2 for beginner, 0.85 on hard, 0.65 on suicidal and hell on earth and reduced to its floor value.

The Stalker can usually be killed with a single shot from the majority of weapons but, due to the requirements of the Commando perk, it is advised that you or a teammate take them out with an assault rifle.


While the easiest way to detect cloaked Stalkers is to use the Commando perk, this isn't always an option. The first sign of the Stalker's existence is often her distinctive vocalizations, which can give you a general idea of the direction from which she is approaching. Another warning of her presence is that when a stalker is close to a player, hard, fast breathing is heard, one can assume that this from the players themselves. These vocalizations, however, are often overwhelmed by the sounds of gunfire on multi-player. Under most circumstances, it is possible to discern them by the semi-transparent white sections of her limbs and face, or by her moving shadow. The Stalker is often found traveling with Crawlers because they share spawn points, but this tactic is a less reliable indicator.


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