The Long Dark Road

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The Long Dark Road
Author: JustFilth
Trader: ? locations
Status: Final (White-listed)
Download: 33.9 MB (Links)

"London is taken and our darkest hour has arrived. The war that first started as a containment order has now turned into a stance of resistance. Overwhelmed and on the verge of total annihilation, we have become nothing more than survivalist. Our plan at present is to retreat into the Kent country side and resupply ourselves from the abandoned Horzine store houses close to the Folkstone research centre. Unfortunately the area has been evacuated and with no reports forth coming it means we are walking the long dark of road into the unknown."

The Long Dark Road, previously called The Darkest Roads, is a map by Justyn Toohill. It was a runner-up in the second wave of the Grindhouse mapping competition, earning Justyn his third Logitech mouse from the competitions; Hospital Horrors and Filths Cross earned him his first and second.

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