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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Author: Damien Laurent
Trader: ? locations
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"Lt John H. Davidson Diary - 17/09/09 Due to London burning down, we had to leave our positions and retreat with the rest of the population. They all hope to move to the Continent but even after 4 days waiting on the coast, we are still waiting for them to show some signs of life. Some think that the United Kingdom has been put in quarantine, but some are convinced that the infection has already spread overseas. Personally, I'm sure about one thing, the commodity shortage is becoming serious. Specimens not only chew our flesh and soul, they also kill our lands Through this arid environment, we are heading to and old pumping station, with hopes to resupply our water containers. I smell blood and death. Specimens are close. Here begins our waterworks."


  • One place to hold is the main pump room (with the VW bus buried in sand at the center). From the raised platform, there will be a weldable door on the left, a set of stairs exiting on the right, and another weldable door in the far-right hand corner (next to a Trader room). Position someone on the raised platform and another person in the right "hallway". The person on the platform can watch the left-hand door and the bluish tunnel below you. The person on the right can keep an eye on the stairway and weldable door. While it can be done with 2, it's best with 3 or more. It's also relatively equidistant from almost all of the Trader rooms.
  • Another place is near the main pump room (with the VW bus buried in sand at the center). Through the double doors (to the left of the trader if you're facing it) go down to the hall and to the right. You will see a set of stairs leading up to a long hallway that leads to a drop off (from where you can see the double doors you originally passed through). At the entrance to the hall is another weldable double door. Early on, cover the stairs and either weld the door or have 1-2 men cover it. This tactic can be used all the way through easy, normal or hard games. On suicidal and hell on earth games, open the doors in such a way that the doors themselves are inside the hallway. Everyone stand in the hall way, but in such a way to maximize killing efficiency: Support specialist(s) and Firebug(s) in front crouching most of the time; Sharpshooter(s) and Demo(s) in the back all the way up against the railing/edge (they can even stand on the railing if they want to see above the heads of the rest of the team). With the door open there is a "funneling" effect that limits the number of zeds that can enter, the smaller ones taken out quickly by the front line, so the rear line can focus on large things. This tactic does require a lot of cooperation, coordination and communication.

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