West London

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West London
West London preview.jpg
Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 4 locations
Related achievements
20px Pub Crawl
20px Hard Pub Crawl
20px Suicidal Pub Crawl

"Less then a month ago, the capital was thriving at the height of the tourism season. No longer. A light breeze carries distant screams and the scent of gasoline fires and rotting flesh. You and your squad have been assigned to this particular quadrant in the west end of the city, with orders to hold off a large number of Specimens reportedly heading east to a survivor enclave. Failure is not an option here."

West London is a brightest and relatively open map. Based, as the name would suggest, in west London. It was originally made by Alex Quick for the Killing Floor mod and was remade by Tripwire Interactive for Killing Floor. Players take control of the team next to a gloomy church to the view of their helicopter taking off and leaving. The roads that lie ahead lead round in a large loop with intermittent alley ways and bridges. The majority of the buildings are out of bounds to the player, with the exceptions being the traders, the church, and the police station.

Map layout

The basic layout of West London is based on a large loop of the main streets, which branches off into a second loop through the police station and prison complex, a large portion of this interior is in absolute darkness which can be hazardous. The church to a lesser extent also offers a small loop off the roads.

Trader locations

A trader store can be found approximately in every corner of the map. Assuming that the player spawns in facing north, the south-eastern trader is found inside the church beside the spawn point. The south-western trader is found at the other side of a tunnel beside the Half Light Hotel. The third trader is found in the north-eastern part of the map, opposite the police station inside a pub and the final trader is found deep within the prison in the far north-western corner of the map.

Historic data

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to West London as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

One of the most immediately noticeable differences between West London on the Killing Floor mod and on Killing Floor is the weather; on the mod its foggy and raining making visibility harsh, despite being the same time of day. Instead of the trader in the church there is the 'money room', a room with a powerful door weld blocking its access which the players can unweld to reach the respawning riches inside. The traders across from the police station and beside the Hotel didn't exist, there wasn't even a building next to the Half Light Hotel. The only trader was the one found in the depths of the prison.

Specimen spawns were significantly different on the original version of West London. The barricades found at each corner of the map which the specimens climb over were instead large sturdy fences, like the fences found behind the spawn, with gaps for the specimens to walk through; blocked to the player via invisible walls. There was also no broken window at the back of the church to allow specimens in. The church itself was also quite different, the round stage featured only a single altar surrounded by stacked skulls and the pews were moveable objects thrown randomly about the room. The specimens also didn't spawn on the motorway overpass.


  • The easiest place to hold out is the Police station car park by the two burning cars. You can weld shut the two doors behind you on the stairs (it is advised to leave two Pipe bomb's on either side of the lower door and on the inside of the upper door), and weld the gate shut so you are almost inaccessible to the specimens. This allows you to shoot through the gate at approaching specimens and prevent them from breaking down the gate. One member of your team should watch the back door to alert you if there are specimens approaching from behind, and another member (preferably a Commando) should watch the compound because Stalker's and Crawler's drop down off the bridge and can be a pain. Although this tactic afford you an amazing defense, it is dangerous as you are not afforded an escape route. If the gate is broken down by powerful enemies the best escape route you are afforded is to jump onto the car and then try to quickly crouch jump over the specimens as they storm the compound.

    This location also provides a good location to hide from the Patriarch, as he finds it difficult to reach you. If he spawns outside the gate in the streets (most likely) he will have to stand in the open before the gate to break it down. This allows you to take him down with ease with concentrated fire. It's save to have a Demolitions with this tactic, since he can shoot his grenades through the fence without destroying it (with a M32 you can control the whole lane, but are vulnerable to Stalker's and Crawler's).

If he spawns behind you in the Jail (less likely) then he will have to break through both doors to reach you, which will put him at the mercy of the Pipebombs you have already deployed. The only two disadvantages with this tactic are as follows:

  • The Patriarch can teleport into the compound, making it incredibly difficult to evade him in close combat. To combat this I would advise nominating a Berserker to sprint into combat with him and distract him from the other, weaker members of the team, whilst they concentrate their fire on him.
  • This technique renders you unable to pursue him when he retreats to heal. Although this can extend the game length, it also has the added problem of spawning extra Stalkers and Crawlers which drop down from the bridge.
  • In the above tactics, welding the door in jail (not the stairs one) and staying near the gate will make specimens less likely to come from downstairs.
  • Luring a large group of specimens through the alleys makes it easier to take them out with a round of shooting or a few well place explosives. Beware you dont get pinned in by specimens approaching from the other end of the street, especially large enemies such as Bloat's, Scrakes and Fleshpounds.
  • In the street leading up to the Police station car park, there is a small door way, no more than a small alcove in the wall. A Berserker with a Chainsaw can hold this location indefinitely if they are crouching.

Bugs and exploits

  • World fire in both tunnels can damage through a firebugs' immunity.
  • The trader next to the Half-Light Hotel can be used during any downtime, as the area overlaps the door slightly, although Players have on occasion experienced problems purchasing items this way.
  • Specimens can sometimes struggle to get to the Half-Light Hotel door alcove.
  • The wall on the left of the spawn near the rubbish bin can be jumped/crouched through if timed correctly.


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