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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 4 locations
Related achievements
20px Squirrel King of the Dark Forest
20px Raccoon King of the Dark Forest
20px Bear King of the Dark Forest

"The Wyre Forest is an uneasy marriage of decaying life, and new beginnings. Remote, and isolated; it's the perfect location for unorthodox science to flourish. Beneath the rot of the forest floor, in Horzine Research Bunker 6, some brilliant minds are cultivating an army of deadly female soldiers that the enemy will never see coming..."

Wyre is a huge forest covered by a light fog while the rest is found in the bunker that is dark and extremely narrow, so if anyone is foolish enough to try and hold out there, it will most probably result in death if they do not cooperate and coordinate with each other. Trader locations can be unusually far from each other and it's not hard to get lost in the bunker which will make that their graves along with the dead specimens. The team spawns beside a massive waterfall that flows down the hill.

Map layout

The map is very approximately triangular in shape, with a landmark in each of the three corners. In the south-western corner atop the accessible area of the hill, where the players spawn, there can be found the waterfall with a trader behind it. At the bottom of the hill in the eastern corner the main bunker building can be found, surrounded by a rough wall. At the north-western corner the docks building can be found. Both the docks building and the bunker, and the numerous stairwells found around the map, descend into the depths of the underground complex which spans the map.

Trader locations

  • Beside the surgery room.
  • Behind the waterfall.
  • Inside the bunker.
  • Underground near the docks.

Defensive positions

  • Probably the best position in this map is on top of the bunker. Every specimen will spawn outside of it or underneath it so you will have plenty of time killing them before they even reach you and the AI has a bit of a problem getting up there on first try. The downside of this however is its difficult if your team gets startled by a Fleshpound and focuses their fire on him. Let a Sharpshooter deal with him and he will die with minimal problems to the team. If all the team are defending this position there won't be much of a problem.
  • Holding next to the underground shop next to the Stalker experiments is surprisingly easy with a good team. Weld the door shut and have someone stationed in the corner shooting the specimens that attack the door through the window, and a Support specialist to keep the door welded. Everyone else hold the corridor as close to the junction as possible so you have some space to fall back. Pipe bombs placed in the water down the stairs nearby will kill allot of specimens. The entrance to the left of the junction has a door which can be welded. Doing this will make 90% of specimens spawn and walk around removing an entrance from having to be watched.


  • If the team gets separated above ground in the fog, they can easily regroup by heading downhill and meeting at the bunker, or the next trader.
  • Like Farm this map has a lot of space, Sharpshooters should use this to their advantage, use a crossbow to pick off large specimens from afar.

Bugs and exploits

  • On the 2nd floor of the building, you can not be harmed after you performed the door exploit and move into the peep hole behind the door.


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