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AA12 Shotgun
Trader AA12.png
Pricing: £4000 (£3000)
Weight: 10 blocks
Ammo: 20 Hud Ammo Clip.png 3 (80)
Ammo cost: £40 – £160
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An advanced automatic shotgun. Fires steel ball shot in semi or full auto. —Trader description 

The AA12 (Auto-Assault 12) is the tier 3 weapon available for the Support specialist. The AA12 is a fully automatic combat shotgun with rate of fire and magazine size comparable to assault rifles, but which lacks in total magazines compared to assault rifles. It also has smaller spread than other shotguns and thus has a longer effective range. The high rate of fire and damage output is enough to kill a Fleshpound under most circumstances. The AA12 has the largest ammo reserve of the shotguns at 80 shells by default. The AA12's alt-fire option switches it to semi-automatic, which can be used to preserve ammunition. The AA12 has the lowest single shot damage of all four shotguns, however it has the highest rate of fire, DPS and second highest accuracy, making it a desirable choice for support specialists.


The Support Specialist perk gives bonuses and discounts for the AA-12.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Ammo capacity
Base 0% £4000 £3000 150 80
0 10% £3600 £2699 150 80
1 20% £3200 £2399 165 88
2 30% £2800 £2099 180 96
3 40% £2400 £1799 195 100
4 50% £2000 £1499 210 100
5 60% £1600 £1199 225 100
6 70% £1200 £899 240 104

Price and ammunition[edit]

The AA-12 has a base cost of £4000, being one of the most expensive weapons. The support specialist perk offers discounts on this cost at intervals of £400 per level, to a current minimum price of £1200. The ammunition cost is £40 for one 20 round magazine; £160 for a full refill at the base level, and £208 at level 6.


With a very low 150 (base) damage per shot, the AA-12 isn't powerful when fired once; instead it boasts an extremely fast rate of fire to take down crowds or tough zeds. Along with its large magazine and total capacity, the AA-12 fires tightly spread pellets to help prevent running out of ammo while providing hefty and stable DPS.


  • While the AA12 is capable of fully automatic fire, this is rarely required. Using the semi-automatic fire mode will help conserve ammunition and allow it to be used as an efficient crowd control weapon with the freedom of switching back to tackle heavier specimens, such as the Scrake.
  • The AA12 is accurate for a shotgun, so aiming for the head is effective.
  • At higher levels of the Support specialist perk, it is possible to carry a shotgun or a hunting shotgun in combination with the AA12, allowing the player to adapt their shotgun usage to the situation, whilst still levelling the perk.
  • Being a shotgun, the AA12 still benefits from the support specialist's penetration bonus, so lining up several specimens helps conserve ammo.
  • On higher difficulties, the AA12 alone is not enough to take down a Fleshpound or a Scrake. If left with no other options, the AA12 can be used to eliminate a fraction of a large specimen's health; however, the AA12 should generally be used for eliminating large groups of smaller specimens when the team is on the verge of being overwhelmed.
  • While the AA-12 is certainly a powerful weapon, it still suffers from the down fall all shotguns have - range. At 50 feet, the AA-12 is rendered almost useless. Therefore, it is wise to carry a secondary, long range weapon such as the lever-action, EBR or Single Piston Long Musket.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Very high rate of fire and damage per second;
  • Smaller spread than other shotguns, making it more effective at range;
  • Cheapest shotgun ammo at £2 per shot;
  • Large drum magazine;
  • Fastest reload per shell of any shotgun.


  • Very expensive;
  • Heavy, at 10 blocks
  • Cannot cancel reload like the pump-action shotgun or combat shotgun.


The weapon is the Atchisson Auto Assault-12 gauge (AA-12) with a 20-round drum magazine.

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