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Author: JustFilth
Trader: 4 locations
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"Six months after the initial outbreak, it seems that the specimens are growing in numbers. Created without reproduction systems and unable to breed, for the last few survivors, this is a bit of a conundrum. From what information they have pieced together, the steady flow of undead are coming from the the labs at Huntington. One thing they don't know is that it is the undead themselves that have evolved and under the direction of their master, the Patriarch. When alive, the Patriarch was one of the scientists that helped give life to the creatures, and he is now starting the deadly process again. Can the survivors infiltrate the Huntington labs, stop the flow of zombies, and finally pull the plug? Or will they unwittingly walk into their own demise and provide the Patriarch with new material for his gruesome work?

Biohazard is a map by Justyn Toohill. It was a runner-up in the first wave of the Grindhouse mapping competition. It was the only map to not garner a Logitech mouse as a prize for Justyn, instead earning him a second keyboard prize.

The map's setting is an overrun Horzine laboratory, located in Huntington. It features several levels, most of which contain one main room, and several branching side-rooms and/or hallways. This map is relatively easy to maneuver in, due to the large amount of side passages and spacious rooms, but you can just as easily be surrounded from the numerous spawn points on each floor. Most of the doors have been destroyed, but there are still several places that can be sealed off – mostly side passages and some major exits. However, due to the size, design, and complexity of this map, there is no one place that will dependably put you near every Trader, forcing players to travel between floors and not hole up on any one floor.

Map layout[edit]

The map contains 4 main levels, with staircases in several places in the facility leading between them; a small portion of the map is also outdoors. There is one Trader on every major floor, for a total of 4 Traders.

The third and uppermost level is labelled as 'Level 3 – Surgery', and contains numerous empty and impassable surgical stations in the centre of its main room, along with cold chambers on opposite sides. There is a small side-room off of the main room, presumably acting as a secondary surgical room – of note, it has several surgical tables with dead Specimens. Of the four, this level is the smallest, with only two rooms, and two of the four doorways leading directly downstairs (the other two leading into the side-room).

The second level – labelled 'Level Two Incubation' – has more dead Specimens atop surgical tables, and living Specimens that are receiving some sort of treatment inside of glass containers – they all seem to be the product of testing and experimentation. The same room also contains tubes at the far end containing what is assumed to be incubating, 'baby' Specimens. This level also contains a rather spacious staff room, as well as numerous side-passages leading to both it and a secondary surgical/testing room. The only exits are two staircases leading down, and two staircases leading up.

The first floor (only labelled as 'Level One') contains a few things – most importantly, it is where you spawn on the first wave. Like the second level, it contains two staircases leading upstairs, two staircases leading downstairs, with an additional two entrance/exit doors and a hole in the exterior wall leading to the outside of the building. This level mainly contains several generators and boilers throughout, and has a long, relatively wide side-passage along its length. This floor – more or less – includes the exterior of the facility, which contains several trucks, and was probably intended as a shipping area to transport Specimens, material, or personnel.

The last floor – the basement – is where the holding cells, some cold chambers and the bathroom are located in the facility. The few holding cells are vacant, and some of the adjoining walls have been destroyed, obviously from the Specimen outbreak. This floor is generally the most confusing and most dangerous as there is no main room, just a lot of winding passages and side-rooms, and only two exits on opposite sides of the level.

Notably, the level bears similarities to Biotics Lab in both function and design.

Trader locations[edit]

There is one Trader on the third floor, in the corner farthest from both staircases; there is one Trader on the second floor, inside the break room, along the back wall; there is one Trader on the first floor, outside of the facility, tucked away in the short part of the L-shaped layout of the exterior; and there is one Trader in the basement, all the way at the back, past the long hallway leading into the bathroom.


  • One of the rooms next to a trader's room has 3 entrances and several couches. If you face away from the traders room, lock down the door to your right, the left of the two doors in front of you and collect near the back right, generally you will only get critters from the open front left entrance. Pipe bombing that entrance and having a grenade launcher will make this map pretty easy.
  • If you go through the big room next to the starting position there is a narrow room with two entrances to it. Go there with your team, position yourself behind the right-hand entrance. This way you can fall back through the room if too many monsters approach or if you need some time to reload or heal. At least one teammember has to look out for the other end of the room since some Specimens come from there as well.
  • A last good camping spot is the little room on the Surgery level, although it can be a tricky spot if a team has more than 4 players. The team has to weld the door near the trader, and camp about where the dead Specimens are. Doing that, no Zed spawns behind, while leaving at the same time enough space to backpedal, thus making it a really good camping spot, even for higher difficulties, such as Suicidal and Hell on Earth. It is recommended to have at least 2 support specialists.


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