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Field Medic
Combat armour
Trader Vest.png
Pricing: £300

Combat armour absorbs about 75% of damage dealt to its wearer (sometimes more, for technical reasons; see § Statistics). Combat armour is vital for survival in Killing Floor, especially in later waves, as the Patriarch would kill anyone without it in one or two hits.

You can repair damaged armour for a cost proportional to how much damage it's taken.


The Field medic perk gets a discount on combat armour from the trader, and spawns with it at Level 5. Firebug and Berserker perks spawn with combat armour at Level 6.

The damage resistance gained by the medic applies to all damage taken while he has any amount of armor, even 1 point, and the reduction also applies to the damage that actually goes to health. A level 6 Field Medic with 100 armor can effectively take 600 points of damage instead of 200 (but probably a bit more, due to rounding errors; see below).

Technical details: In-game, health is always a whole number, but armor can be fractional (even if it's shown as a whole number). When you take damage, the game separates it into health damage and armor damage. Armor is always decreased accurately, since it keeps track of fractions, but the health damage portion is rounded down. This causes most damage taken while wearing armor to actually total one point less than the original amount, and is most noticeable with small damage values such as from bloat bile; on Normal difficulty, bloat bile deals 2, 3, or 4 points of damage each half-second. This is reduced to 0.5, 0.75, or 1 point of health damage, respectively, which means that 2/3 of the time, bloat bile deals 0 health damage since it's rounded down.
Level  Discount Price % damage
Base 0% £300 0
0 10% £270 0
1 20% £240 10
2 30% £210 20
3 40% £180 30
4 50% £150 40
5 60% £120 50
6 70% £90 75


  • Search for armour while moving toward the trader; this can save you up to £300.
  • When buying, prioritize weapons and ammunition before armour; having the offence you need will make up for low armor, but having armor doesn't make up for running out of ammo.
    • Field Medic should consider prioritizing armour first, even in earlier waves, because of its reduced price and increased durability.
  • Since wearing armour has no downside, you should always purchase it if you have the spare money, especially in later waves.
  • Berserker doesn't need to focus as much on armour due to his damage reduction, as long as Field Medic is nearby.

Advantages and Disadvantages[edit]


  • Effectively doubles the wearer's survivability (aside from healing effects).
  • Suppresses vision impairment caused by Bloat bile, although you still take damage, and often still get the screen-shake.
  • Can be repaired rather than replaced, saving money if you still have some armor left.
  • Doesn't weigh anything.


  • Doesn't protect players from Siren screams or environmental injuries such as steep falls.


  • All combat armour in the game bears the name 'Pvt. Jim'; a character not mentioned anywhere else in the game, presumably an early casualty with a large defence wardrobe.

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