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Combat Shotgun
Trader Beneli.png
Pricing: £2500 (£1875)
Weight: 8 blocks
Ammo: 6 Hud Single Bullet.png 42 (48)
Hud Flashlight.png 100 (recharges)
Ammo cost: £20 – £160
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Support Specialists can get their hands on a semi-automatic combat shotgun. —Steam store description 

The combat shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun for the support specialist perk, which comes equipped with a red-dot sight and a flashlight; the third weapon to do so, alongside the shotgun and 9mm tactical pistol, with the fourth being Vlad the Impaler. It bears several similarities to the pump shotgun but the combat shotgun fires semi-automatically, has a smaller magazine, and its reload time is approximately 35% slower per shell.

There is also a "Golden Combat Shotgun" available in the "Golden Weapons" DLC. Its statistics are identical to the normal Combat Shotgun.


The support specialist perk receives bonuses and discounts for the combat shotgun.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage Ammo capacity
Base 0% £2500 £1875 245 48
0 10% £2250 £1687 245 48
1 20% £2000 £1499 269 52
2 30% £1750 £1312 294 57
3 40% £1500 £1124 318 60
4 50% £1250 £937 343 60
5 60% £1000 £749 367 60
6 70% £750 £562 392 62

Price and ammunition[edit]

The combat shotgun has a base cost of £2500, the same price as the SCARMK17. The support specialist perk offers discounts on this cost at intervals of £250 per level in the perk, to a current minimum price of £750. The ammunition cost is £10 for three shots; £160 for a full refill at the base level and approximately £3.33 per shot.


The combat shotgun has identical statistics per shot to the shotgun; it differs only in its potential rate of fire and ammo capacity. Combat Shotgun spreads out seven pellets per shot and pellets deal 35 damage each. Carries 6 shells and shoots them rather faster than the shotgun.

However its reload sequence is slower than the standard shotgun. In situations where this additional rate of fire isn't utilised, due to its extended reload time and reduced capacity, it is less efficient than the regular shotgun at medium range. Because of low ammo capacity of the tube and slow reload times, Combat Shotgun's pierce ability should be abused at close-medium range to reload the weapon without being disturbed.


  • When emptied you can't hipfire it until you slide at least 2 shells in tube. That can be painfully slow in case you're swarmed. In an emergency you can cancel it by going down on ironsights as you loaded at least one shot.
  • Don't let the tube run out of shells and try to spare shells before reloading by using a reliable sidearm like a MK23, Handcannon or a Lever-action rifle. Keep it loaded all the time and be disciplined to draw your sidearm before it goes dry.
  • If used right Combat Shotgun can offer damage spikes on par with Hunting shotgun. Almost any combo that can be pulled against Fleshpound or Scrake with Hunting, can be done with Combat Shotgun as well.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Powerful, capable of killing multiple weak specimens with one shot;
  • Pierce increases damage further on aligned hitboxes;
  • Comes with a flashlight, to mitigate smoke screen or illuminate the darkness;
  • Semi-automatic fire rate to create a damage spike;
  • Sweeps clear ranged medium-threats with bursts;
  • Generous ammo reserve;
  • Easy to use red-dot sight;
  • Interruptible reload allows you to switch weapon or go down on iron sights;
  • Pierces targets better with Support Specialist perk.


  • Inaccurate due to spread, especially at longer ranges;
  • Repetitive shots have massive recoil;
  • Mitigating recoil means diminishing your own movement options as there's no perk bonus;
  • Too close up shots do not pierce and deal base damage like every other shotgun;
  • Low magazine capacity of only 6;
  • When emptied, you can not interrupt reload until you load two shells in tube from hipfire;
  • Expensive compared to standard pump Shotgun;
  • Relatively long reload (35% longer than the pump Shotgun to chamber a single shot);
  • Loses dps output where its rate of fire and pierce capability isn't utilized well.

Origins and history[edit]

Basically designed as an upgraded, lighter-weight version of the M3, the Benelli M4 Super 90 was designed as a combat shotgun suitable for extreme CQB situations and door-breaching. It was added to Killing Floor in the second Twisted Christmas event, which was released on 8 December 2011.


  • Jumping does not lower the weapon if it is being aimed while jumping.


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