Concussion Grenade

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Concussion Grenade
Trader Bullpup.png
Pricing: £400 (£300)
Weight: 10 blocks
Ammo: Hud Ammo Clip.png 1 (5)
Ammo cost: £10 – £40

the Concussion grenade does very little damage to enemies, but will stun any foes in the explosion AOE for a brief period of time. —Trader description 

The Concussion Grenade is a unused weapon in the game.

(Note that the Concussion Grenade does not actually have a Trader icon and the Bullpup icon is used as a place holder for this page.)

In KFMod[edit]

The Concussion grenade (Known as StunNade in the data) was a planned weapon to appear in the KFMod. It was being worked on when Version 1.0 was released, was most likely was going to be a alternative choice to the frag grenades thats colored red. Unfortantly, after version 1.0, the developers decide to change the look of the game (aesthetically), and the StunNade was scrapped and left behind. It was never worked on again.

More info on the Concussion Grenade during the mod can be found Here.

In Killing Floor[edit]

Since Tripwire Interactive just moved the KFMod over to Red Orchistra 1 and build on top of that , a majority of content from these 2 games are still present in Killing Floor itself (As well as Unreal Tornament 2004 data).

Much like how it is was in KFMod v1.0, it uses the same v1 grenade model and is textured red. Other then that, the weapon is completely useless as it does nothing at all. It does not have any icons at all. Its named Bullpup in the trader since its script was a edit of the Bullpup. The first person model and animation are taken from that of Claws on a "T" stance pose. The arms and the grenade itself are using that from the mod version which is why the hand textures are not map properly.

The weapon may be placed onto maps, summoned out via console or use on a trader mutator with this code


Even if the weapon is not offically used in the game, the weapon is whitelisted like all the other offical KF weapons.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • This weapon has no advantanges what so ever.


  • weight is 10.
  • Does nothing at all.
  • Is nasty to look at in 1st person.
  • Can not be obtain without some editing or modifing.


  • If you have nothing in your inventory and are close to the trader, sell it.


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