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KF-Doomed 01.jpg
Author: Pectabyte
Trader: 3 locations
Status: v1.3 (White-listed)
Download: 6.4 MB (Links)

"Contact with this research base was lost sixteen hours ago. Your team is to infiltrate the facility and look for survivors. Tread lightly..."

Doomed (typeset as DOOMed) is a custom map based on E1M1: Hangar from the original Doom game. The map was entered into the Grindhouse mapping competition twice in its different forms, the beta version in the first wave and version 1.0 in the second wave. The beta version and version 1 have since been removed from the whitelist in favour of version 1.2, which was removed due to exploits and replaced with version 1.3.

Map layout[edit]

The layout, which is almost identical to Hangar, is basically a large loop with a small number of side rooms. The players spawn at the same place as on the original doom map with one of the traders behind them. There are a number of fixed weapon spawns, up the stairs just to the left of the spawn there is a 9mm tactical pistol, outside though the window a chainsaw can be found in the back of the truck, down the corridor from the spawn in the 'central computer room' a bullpup can be found, a machete and a hunting shotgun can also be found in the outlying room. Following through there is a room with a zig-zagging bridge over sewage, in the beta this was harmless but in version 1.0 it does large amounts of damage over time. In the 'exit' room, found at the end of either path, there can be found a fire axe, a shotgun, a flamethrower, and another 9mm tactical pistol.

Trader locations[edit]

The beta version featured only two traders; at the 'start' and 'exit' points on the map. Version 1.0 added in a third in the 'central computer room', leaving the map with one trader at approximately each corner of the map.

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