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Trader Axe.png
Pricing: £1000 (£750)
Weight: 5 blocks
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The Fire Axe is a slow, powerful melee weapon. It is the fourth most powerful melee weapon available in terms of single shot damage, after the the DLC Scythe, the unlockable Dwarfs!? Axe, and the Claymore. The Fire Axe has an overall damage per second comparable to the Katana while costing half as much. The Fire Axe can be found in any default random weapon spawns and allows the same run speed bonus as the other blades while wielded.


The berserker perk receives bonuses for the use of a Fire Axe. It has a x1.25 headshot multiplier.

Level Discount Price Sale value Hit damage Fire mode DPS
Primary Alternate Primary Alternate
Base £1000 £750 175 275 159 206
0 10% £900 £674 192 302 175 226
1 20% £800 £599 210 330 200 259
2 30% £700 £524 245 385 245 317
3 40% £600 £449 280 440 280 363
4 50% £500 £374 315 495 329 427
5 60% £400 £299 350 550 381 495
6 70% £300 £224 350 550 397 515


The Fire Axe used to cost £150, a price which is nearly always within the players price range. The sell value was originally £100, but was increased to £112 to match the 75% returns value of other weapons. As of the 13/12/12 Christmas Update, the fire axe base cost is £1000, but the Berserker now gets discounts for this weapon. As with all melee weapons there are no upkeep costs.


There are two modes of attacking with the Fire Axe, controlled by the primary and alternate fire buttons. The primary fire function is a horizontal slash, and the secondary is a powerful overhead vertical swing. The power of either function is enough to stun targets, allowing for easy one on one battles with any specimen susceptible to stunning. The alternate fire function has approximately a third higher damage per second than the primary function, making it more useful for dealing with tougher specimens. It possesses a 1.25x headshot damage multiplier compared to the Katana's 1.1x, allowing it to stun Scrakes and effectively decapitate most targets.


The Fire Axe's alt-fire attack has a specific distance with which to inflict a headshot with; learning this range is crucial when fighting aggressive specimens at higher difficulties, especially coupled with its low rate of attack. However, the head-shot multiplier of this weapon makes it ideal for killing Scrakes and Fleshpounds, as you can stun-lock the former and can kite the latter at maximum range. If you are missing headshots with this weapon, you're probably too close.

As of the 13/12/12 christmas update, the Fire Axe has an area of effect meaning that the player can attack multiple nearby specimens with one swing.

It takes the Fire Axe about 15 primary-fire (14, if head pre-damaged), 9 alter-fire headchops to remove the head of a 6-player, Hell on Earth (HoE) Fleshpound. When decapped from primary swing hits, the headless Fleshpound will walk around aimlessly and try to score a hit, the body will fall after a few seconds. It takes 5 alternate-fire headchops to kill a 6-player, HoE Scrake.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Often found lying around the maps and can be sold for £750 by non-Berserkers (can switch after pickup);
  • Reliably decapitates lesser specimens;
  • Alt-fire can stun-lock Husks and Scrakes;
  • Moderately powerful.
  • Rank 6 Berserkers spawn with it.
  • 15% higher head-hit damage than the Katana, allowing stun-lock on higher difficulties.
  • Has an area of effect meaning that the player can attack multiple nearby specimens with one swing.
  • Will not rage a Fleshpound with a single head-hit.


  • Weak against stronger specimens (like the Fleshpound or Patriarch).
  • Slower than the Katana, and weaker than the Claymore, Scythe or Dwarfs!? Axe
  • Moderately heavy, at 5 blocks.
  • Slow swing speed makes it almost impossible to chain ZED time.

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