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Icon of the Firebug.


[edit] Class Description

The Firebug is primarily a supporting class, specializing in mob control. His main task is to ignite groups of specimens early to help thin out the smaller zeds, dealing with ranged threats while softening up larger targets and making them easier to deal with. To accomplish this, the Firebug utilizes fire-based damage, receiving bonuses for the Flamethrower, MAC-10, Trenchgun, Husk fireball launcher, and (with a DLC purchase) the Flare Revolver. For all of the five weapons, the Firebug is given a damage bonus of up to 60%, a discount of up to 70%, increased ammo capacity of up to 60%, and faster reload speed (with the exception of the Husk fireball launcher, which doesn't reload).

Firebug is the distraction and a threat eliminator for the team. Their flame based weaponry can cut through the horde and kill ranged threats like Siren with ease, taking the Husk's attention away from less capable friends. Also he can accommodate in dealing with big targets crisping, slowing them down. Firebugs are meant to deliver fear and flames by standing at the front lines just behind the Berserker class, in the line with Support Specialist, yet they're not as durable as Berserker, nor have instant damage spikes like Support; that makes them the "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" in the terms of gameplay. Yet, they're highly important and act as a backbone for team to deal with big targets to clear the path of their destruction.

[edit] Weapon Statistics

Category Sidearms Primary weapons
Flare revolver MAC-10 Flamethrower Trenchgun Husk fireball launcher
Trader FlareGun.png Trader Mac 10.png Trader Flame Thrower.png Trader TrenchGun.png Trader Huskgun.png
Cost range £500-£150 £500−£150 £750−£200 £1250-£375 £4000−£1200
Weight (blocks) 2 4 10 8 8
Ammunition 6Hud Ammo Clip black.png21 30Hud Ammo Clip black.png9 100Hud Flame Tank black.png3 6Hud Single Bullet black.png48 150Hud Flame black.png
Damage* 125-200 35 171-273 126-201 100 (750)-160 (1200)
Magazine size 6 30-48 100-160 6 150-240
Hud Single Bullet black.png Individual shot reload.Hud Ammo Clip black.pngHud Flame Tank black.png Magazine reload. Hud Flame black.png Single tank, does not require reload. *DPS for flamethrower. Damage does not include afterburn.

[edit] Weapon Analysis

[edit] Sidearms


The MAC-10 can be fired either fully-automatic or semi-automatic. If fired full-auto, its ammo reserves are quite low, but each successful shot ignites its victim. Its recoil is very high, especially with sustained fire, so keeping a steady aim while taking on large numbers of specimens is a big challenge with the MAC-10, and is almost always inferior to using the Flamethrower. Learning to score headshots from afar and letting specimens burn out is a useful skill for rationing ammunition throughout each wave. Compared to the flare revolver(s), the MAC-10 has a higher rate of fire, but suffers from a wider spread and less impact damage per hit, and lacks in damage to take on greater specimens.

Flare Revolver(s)

The flare revolver is a projectile-based weapon; it deals significant impact damage as well as a small splash-damage effect capable of igniting any nearby specimens, and a medium-sized splash effect that will damage, but not ignite, enemies. The flare revolver is generally capable of stunning and killing any lesser specimen in 1 direct hit; if they are not killed by the impact, they will soon or almost instantly burn out. These are one of the better weapons to use against a Husk, with 2 direct head-shots killing it on any difficulty and number of players. When dual-wielded, they can be fired nearly as fast as you can click the mouse. When compared to the MAC-10, they lack in the ability to be fired fully-automatic, are more expensive per clip, have a lower ammo capacity and reserve, and have a lower rate of fire; but do more impact damage per hit, and have no spread, as well as the small splash-effect. Dual-wielded flare revolvers are an option for a solo Firebug to use for finishing off a greater specimens, but not really recommended if more capable teammates are available.

[edit] Primary Weapons


At lower levels, the flamethrower may lack range, and for stronger enemies, damage output. It can also be awkward at close range, when the Firebug is forced to either fire at point-blank and sustain self-damage, or wait through the long weapon swap animation to pull out another weapon. However, from level 3 onwards, the Firebug enjoys 50-100% more range with the flamethrower. The flamethrower also does constant damage, with each unit of fuel doing impact damage, as well as lingering burn damage. A single ignition from a higher-leveled Firebug will kill any lesser specimen. This comes at the disadvantage of having very little use against the Husk, which has +50% fire-resistance against the flamethrower, and Scrakes or Fleshpounds, lacking the power to quickly kill them. Compared to the Husk Gun, this has the disadvantage of having very little impact damage, but has the advantages of not having to be charged up to do maximum damage and having a more rapid rate of damage, as well as being able to "pierce" enemies and light those behind them on fire. Compared to the Trenchgun; the flamethrower has a faster, but un-interruptible reload, does more focused damage faster, and has huge ammo reserves; however it lacks the ability to deal a 'spike' of damage. The flamethrower is also incapable of scoring a critical head-shot, doing only "body" damage.


The Trenchgun is capable of doing impact damage as well as lingering burn damage. This gun is useful at both dealing large amounts of damage to close specimens and lighting large groups of distant specimens on fire. Every enemy hit by even a single pellet will be set alight. Compared to the flamethrower, it has the advantage of doing more impact damage and a large spread of ignition, but it costs more, both gun and ammo, and doesn't deal damage as quickly. Compared to Husk Fireball Launcher, it lacks in the ability to deal massive, focused damage, but it doesn't have to be charged up and has faster projectiles. The Trenchgun is a viable option for a solo Firebug to use against greater specimens, but is not really recommended.

Husk Fireball Launcher

The Husk fireball launcher is sometimes used as an alternative to the flamethrower but is often overlooked due to being somewhat expensive, even at level 6 (£3200 - £1200) and functioning very similarly to the flamethrower despite its price and relatively high damage output. However, the Husk Fireball Launcher has several advantages over the flamethrower. It requires no reloading, so Firebugs using it will never find themselves stuck reloading while being mobbed by specimens. Its power can also be charged by holding down the mouse button while firing, which is useful for taking down bigger targets, and it has a significantly shorter weapon switch time than the flamethrower. Although it can't spit as much fire as the flamethrower in the same amount of time, and it doesn't have the spread of the Trenchgun, these are rarely necessary against higher specimens. The Husk Fireball Launcher causes much less recoil than the flamethrower as well, keeping the Firebug on target for additional shots. Overall, the Husk fireball launcher is what it is: an alternative, possessing advantages and disadvantages to both the flamethrower and Trenchgun.

[edit] Class Tactics

[edit] Leveling Tactics

The perk description reads, "Deal x damage with flame weapons", fire damage from the MAC-10, the flamethrower, the Husk fireball launcher, incendiary grenades, the Trenchgun, and the Flare Pistol adds to the total. A Firebug at level 3 or higher can therefore throw incendiary grenades during the first wave to earn some extra fire damage before acquiring a more versatile weapon from the Trader.

Spraying your flamethrower by holding down primary fire will increase your damage count faster than firing small bursts, but on higher difficulties and later waves may result in you running out of ammo faster. In addition, spraying a Fleshpound or Scrake may cause it to become enraged and incur severe damage on you or your teammates.

Bloats are 50% weak against fire damage, a good target for scoring fast damage points. Keep in mind that Husks are 75%-85% resistant to fire and Fleshpounds simply ignore afterburn damage when enraged. Patriarch ignores afterburn damage when he decides to cloak away. If a big specimen is enraged, best you can do is hosing them down and hoping that they'll crisp up or die before they reach you.

[edit] Helping the Firebug

[edit] Perk Ladder

Rank Fire damage required* Flamethrower Fire Weapons MAC-10 Resistance to fire ↑ Spawn
Reload speed ↑ Fuel capacity ↑ Range ↑ Damage ↑ Discount Reload speed ↑ Mag size ↑
5% 10% 50%
1 25,000 10% 10% 10% 20% 5% 12% 60%
2 100,000 20% 20% 20% 30% 10% 24% 70%
3 500,000 30% 30% 50% 30% 40% 15% 36% 80% Incendiary grenades
4 1,500,000 40% 40% 40% 50% 20% 48% 90%
5 3,500,000 50% 50% 100% 50% 60% 25% 60% 100% Flamethrower
6 5,500,000 60% 60% 60% 70% 30% Combat armour
*With on-perk weapons.

† Denotes an item also available to all additional levels of the perk.

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