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Field Medic
Fists (Claws)
Weight: 10 blocks

Bloody and Sharp. Yikes! —Trader description 

The Fists is a unused weapon in the game.

In KFMod[edit]

Fists was a starting weapon during the early years of the mod. Used during Version 1.0, the player whould spawn with their fist. The knife must be purchased from the trader. After V1, the fist were left unused in the game even though it was edited. Claws was a alternative version to be used in a PvP game mode. The claws was left as Semi-Transparent fist that belong to the Stalker which the player would control. The Stalkers fist was then removed from coding since the PvP game mode was scrapped. More info on Fists during the mod can be found Here.

In Killing Floor[edit]

Since Tripwire Interactive just moved the KFMod over to Red Orchistra 1 and build on top of that , a majority of content from these 2 games are still present in Killing Floor itself (As well as Unreal Tornament 2004 data).

This weapon is completely useless in TWI's version. The weapon is unusable and can not be sold. Its called Buyable Item Name at the trader. Its perk is Medic but this is most likely a place holder since this weapon is no longer used.

The weapon may be summoned out via console with this code


Even if the weapon is not offically used in the game, the weapon is whitelisted like all the other offical KF weapons.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • None


  • Everything


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