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For the Killing Floor 2 weapon, see Flamethrower (Killing Floor 2).
Trader Flame Thrower.png
Pricing: £750 (£562)
Weight: 10 blocks
Ammo: 100 Hud Flame Tank.png 3 (400)
Ammo cost: £30 – £120
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Flaming Hell, That Was Close.jpg Flaming Hell, That Was Close

A deadly experimental weapon designed by Horzine industries. It can fire streams of burning liquid which ignite on contact. —Trader description 

The Flamethrower is the original weapon for the Firebug perk. This weapon can project flames at a good range and is effective against large crowds of specimens such as Clots, Gorefasts, Bloats and Sirens due to the fact that it can deal a tremendous amount of damage in a short time. Successfully hitting an enemy will ignite them and they will continue to take fire damage; this is an effective means of killing weak enemies while conserving ammo. The Flamethrower is easily one of the most powerful crowd control weapons at medium range, however, when fired against a squad member or any specimen at close range, the user will catch fire unless the user is a level 5+ Firebug, which has 100% resistance to fire. The Flamethrower is not an easy weapon to use, as it has extremely high recoil and limited ammo reserves. Players usually expend just one unit of ammo at a time in order to conserve ammo and manage the recoil.

The Flamethrower, like all special weapons, is never randomly spawned on the map by the game.


The firebug perk gives discounts and bonuses to the flamethower.

Level  Discount Price Sale value DPS Magazine Size
Base 0% £750 £562 171 100
0 10% £675 £505 179 100
1 20% £600 £449 188 110
2 30% £525 £393 205 120
3 40% £450 £337 222 130
4 50% £375 £280 239 140
5 60% £300 £224 256 150
6 70% £225 £168 273 160
DPS does not include after burn damage.

Price and ammunition[edit]

The base price for the flamethrower is £750. This price is decreased by £75 per level starting at level 0, ending at a total price of £225 for level 6 firebugs. The cost of fuel stays static at 0.3 per unit, the lowest of any ammo in the game; however, the total capacity per fuel canister increases by 10% per level, starting at level 1. At level 0 and while not playing firebug, the cost per canister containing 100 units of fuel is £30. At level 6 the total capacity per canister is 160, resulting in a price of £48 per canister.


The flamethrower deals a steady amount of damage per second, and also causes specimens to set on fire, dealing additional damage over time. However, at low levels of firebug, it is possible to cause self harm with the weapon by setting yourself on fire. This can be caused by opening fire on specimens at too short range, or sometimes by walking forwards while firing. Due to the nature of the weapon, it is ill advised to use it against Husks, who have a 75% resistance to its damage and ignition effect, and is generally ineffective against Scrakes and Fleshpounds at higher difficulties.

As of the Hillbilly Horrors update, hitting burning enemies with the flamethrower no longer resets the cumulative damage. Meaning that more damage is done over time.


Players using the flamethrower should always be mindful of visibility; the flames can obscure a large portion of the view for all players, making it difficult for all players to see the specimens.

Setting the Patriarch on fire helps a great deal with hunting him down when he tries to flee and heal up. Commandos don't need any help to see the Patriarch of course, but everybody else will get four or five extra seconds of visibility. This can make all the difference.

Advantages and disadvantages[edit]


  • Strong against large groups of weak-medium specimens;
  • Ignites enemies, causing damage over time;
  • Causing lit enemies to flail around helpless for a small period;
  • Crisped enemies slows down on movement speed by 20% and have worse reaction times;
  • Takes out Sirens among the crowd without needing to aim precisely;
  • Large magazine;
  • Tags Patriarch visible for teammates;
  • Cheap ammo;
  • Cheap weapon for a high-level Firebug.


  • Use at short range can cause great self-damage without the Firebug perk;
  • Mediocre damage output against a single enemy;
  • Heavy, can't evade approaching big targets when wielded;
  • Limited ammo reserves unless ammunition is managed by small bursts and relying on afterburn;
  • Limited range when not used by a level 3+ Firebug;
  • Patriarch is immune to crisping effect;
  • Husks are almost immune to fire damage and losing control;
  • High recoil, especially with sustained fire;
  • Reduces the framerate of closer players to fire stream on sustained fire;
  • Lit enemies lose control in an instant and cause them to get out of sights;
  • Flames can obscure vision.
  • Can destroy grenades, even from grenade launchers of friendly players.

Bugs and Exploits[edit]

  • This weapon sometimes shoots with no recoil at all. This usually happens after you reloaded a magazine and then hold primary fire.
  • This weapon will sometimes fire without the player pressing the primary fire button. If this happens just switch weapons.

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