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Base statistics:
Bounty: £200
Health: 1500 (+375)
Damage: 35
Movement speeds:
Walking: 130
Charging: 299
Swimming: 120
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The Fleshpound. Shooting him with small weapons just makes him mad. Think big, powerful weapons for this one! —Loading screen tip 

The Fleshpound, the most powerful non-boss specimen in the game, makes its first appearance in the last waves of the game. It has spiked gauntlets that can spin and shred anything in its path, and is also equipped with an adrenaline pump in its chest; if a player deals too much damage to it too quickly or if it spends too long out of combat, the Fleshpound will rage and let out a loud roar, and its pump will turn red and activate. While it is enraged, it will run much faster and dole out a massive amount of damage, usually killing or leaving players in need of medical treatment.



The Fleshpound appears as a tall muscular humanoid with a number of metal attachments. There is a large light on its lower torso and several small lights on its back which change colour dependent on its mood; either amber or red. There are metal plates covering its eyes, groin, spine, feet, and part of its chest. On both arms there are large spiked tubular metal attachments.

The Fleshpound during the Halloween Sideshow event, Dubbed the Frankenpound.


During the Twisted Christmas events the Fleshpound was re-skinned as a nutcracker toy dubbed the Nut Pound; with a massive mouth and candy cane coloured spikes on the end of each arm instead of hands. For the Summer Sideshow update, it received a re-skin as a diseased, mutated circus strongman with what appears to be clown like luchador wrestler's cowl, with glowing pustules(or possibly cybernetic tubing grafted deep into his body) replacing its usual lights, and pointed objects on its arms. This skin was dubbed the Flesh Clown. During the Halloween Sideshow event it was given a skin based off the summer skin, but stylised as classic depictions of Frankenstein's monster; dubbed Frankenpound. During the Hillbilly Horror event of 2012, he was reskinned into Bubba, who appears to have a light pack implanted into his back and the cuff-like objects on his arms are replaced by augers(see picture below). The only piece of clothing that Bubba wears is overalls and boots.


While most other specimens will pick and change targets based on proximity, the Fleshpound fixates and will pursue one specific player until it loses line of sight or either one of them is dead. However, since the Christmas Update, the Fleshpound's behavior has changed in that it will automatically target players that are dealing damage to it if the current target is running away or isn't firing on it.

Fleshpounds also have a tendency to rage, signified by their distinctive imposing roar and the red colourisation of their torso light. A raging Fleshpound runs towards its target at great speed and causes massive damage. There are two triggers for this rage, the first and foremost of which is based on damage over time; if a Fleshpound receives more than approximately 360 damage within a 2 seconds period it will rage. The second trigger is based on time; if a Fleshpound hasn't made it into attacking range for a variable length of time; between 10 to 15 seconds, which will be randomized as it engages the target with line of sight for the first time, it will become frustrated and rage anyway.

A Fleshpound's rage can subside after it has struck a player providing the conditions for its occurrence are no longer being met, or after a long period of time without coming into contact with a player. There is also no cool down period for their rage, so a Fleshpound can rage again immediately after calming down. Between its inhuman growls and laughter, Fleshpound can be heard hissing "Flesh... Pound!", "I'm going to fix you!", "Ha-ha ha-ha, puny!" between its teeth. It also seems to have a robotic personality, due to saying "Level of aggression: 11!" and "Merging process: complete." on occasion.

An interesting point regarding Fleshpound behaviour is their lack of regard for other specimens. A raging Fleshpound will mow through weak specimens to get to its target. If an obstructing specimen is strong enough to survive, like a Bloat or Scrake, they will sometimes retaliate against the Fleshpound, who will in turn engage them in combat instead of the players. Unless disturbed, specimens engaged in fights with each other will ignore players until the fight is over, with the victor usually being the Fleshpound.

The Fleshpound as he appeared in the KillingFloor Mod.


The story behind the Fleshpound is that they were developed by Horzine, to make super-soldiers. Fleshpounds were routinely injected with muscle growth stimulants and adrenaline cocktails to help build a titanic body, however it had the side effect of making them incredibly violent and quick to anger. After a few accidents, each Fleshpound was harnessed with a device to monitor their adrenaline levels, as well as to inject them with depressants and other chemicals in order to keep them calm. However, the device also served as a life preserver, as it would flood the Fleshpound's system with adrenaline and stimulants whenever it was in pain.

They were considered a failure, and the entire population of them was consigned to the lowest levels of Horzine's laboratory. When it came time to destroy them, the drugs used instead triggered their devices into action, allowing them to break free from their bonds and kill the laboratory's staff. However, they were never able to free themselves from the 'mace' restraints used to hold their giant fists at bay, which ironically makes them even better at pounding flesh. Their name stems from the few words that they knew.


Main article: Fleshpound extermination tactics

Due to the Fleshpound being immune to stun effects, the safest way to exterminate the Fleshpound is to do it fast, before it has a chance to rage of its own accord and before it can cause substantial damage. If the player's current weapon is weak, then the safest way to kill it is to do so slowly and to frequently escape it line of sight, so as to not enrage it: inflict less than 360 damage every two seconds and break line of sight again in 10 seconds at most.

The Fleshpound will rage in one of two circumstances: if it takes 360 or more damage in 2 seconds, or if it spends about 10 seconds outside of melee range of any of its targets. When the Fleshpound picks a new target, this timer may have anywhere from 0 to 5 seconds added to it, and it can be reset by breaking line of sight, letting Fleshpound swing and forcing him to avoid a thrown grenade. Note that Fleshpounds are weak against grenades; any explosive grenade that explodes too close is capable of enraging it instantly.


Wave distribution[edit]

The Fleshpound appears in the later waves, after the midpoint wave(s); the last wave for short, the last three for medium and the last four in long games.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Patriarch icon 64.png

Total health[edit]

The base hit points of the Fleshpound is 1500; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 375 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 750 1500 2025 2325 2625
2 938 1875 2531 2906 3281
3 1125 2250 3038 3488 3938
4 1313 2625 3544 4069 4594
5 1500 3000 4050 4650 5250
6 1688 3375 4556 5231 5906

Head health[edit]

The base hit points of the Fleshpound's head is 700; its total health on normal with one player, and for every additional player 210 hit points is added. This figure is then multiplied by 0.5 on beginner, 1 on normal, 1.35 on hard, 1.55 for suicidal, and 1.75 for hell on earth.

Players Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
1 350 700 945 1085 1225
2 455 910 1229 1411 1593
3 560 1120 1512 1736 1960
4 665 1330 1796 2062 2328
5 770 1540 2079 2387 2695
6 875 1750 2363 2713 3063


Beginner Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
£400 £200 £170 £130

Damage multipliers[edit]

Multiplier* Damage source
2.00× * Any handheld explosive device or poison; High explosive grenades, pipe bombs, neuro heal gas grenade of Field Medic.
1.25× Leg shot from M79, M32, M4 203 grenades, Seeker 6 and Harpoons *.
2.33× * Headshots and torso shots from M79, M32, and M4 203 grenades.
1.00× Leg and limb shots from L.A.W.
2.00× Headshots and torso shots from L.A.W.
0.75× *** Headshots from any weapon with headshot multiplier equal or higher than 1.5x, with exception being Buzzsaw, M99 AMR and Crossbow.
0.35× ** Crossbow headshots on Suicidal and Hell on Earth difficulty scale.
0.25× Blowerthrower's damage over time effects and direct spray.
0.0× Bloat bile attack fully negated and Fleshpound won't retaliate against Bloats when accidentally being vomit upon directly.
0.50× Everything else; any hitscan bodyshot, any weapon with 1.25x or lower headshot multiplier, M99 AMR or Buzzsaw headshots and incendiary effects.

* Multipliers for explosives are not always accurate because of damage falloff that increases proportionally to the explosion's distance from the center of the Fleshpound's body. For Harpoons, Fleshpound moving away from initial point of the impact until fuse time is over affects the damage outcome. Torso shots from grenade launchers seem to deal slightly more damage than headshots at the cost of creating smoke screen.

** Unlike the explosive damage multipliers, multipliers for sharpshooter headshots are stable without any damage falloff and calculated in addition to their own multipliers.

*** Weapons with headshot multiplier equal or higher than 1.5x includes: all shotguns (1.5x), close up blunt fired rocket and grenade launcher projectiles (2.0x), single/semi-auto long rifles such as M14, Musket, LaR and impactful projectile weapons such as Husk Fireball Launcher and Flare revolver (1.5x).


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