Fright Yard

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Fright Yard
Fright Yard map.png
Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 5 locations
Related achievements
Longshorman.jpg Longshorman
Gang Crew.jpg Gang Crew
Stevedore.jpg Stevedore
Wharfinger.jpg Wharfinger
Fork Lift Operator.jpg Fork Lift Operator
Truck Driver.jpg Truck Driver
Crane Operator.jpg Crane Operator
Shipping Magnate.jpg Shipping Magnate

"They say since a certain, recent shipment, Halliday's Freight Yard is swarming with the strangest creatures. People hear odd noises coming out of there after dark. The curious go in, but they never come out again, by road, sea or rail. Maybe you should investigate.'"

Fright Yard is the new map that was added during the Halloween 2013 event "Hillbilly Horror Fright Yard". The map is based on a large freight yard that is sectioned off by crates. In Objective Mode, the areas all started off segmented, but they become unblocked as you complete objectives only to reseal after you enter the new area. In wave mode, it is all unblocked from the start and you have access to the full map, bar the Pier area.

Fright Yard has 30 hidden cameras around the map. Once you shoot them all you get the achievement "Blinding Big Brother". An NPC named Martel Halliday gives you directions in a similar fashion to Ringmaster Lockheart from Steamland.

Objective Mode[edit]

In Objective Mode, there are a total of at least 8 objectives.

  • The Murder Games

The main objective of "The Murder Games" is to kill zeds and enter the freight yard.

  • Export : Slaughter

In "Export : Slaughter", you must use welders to unlock crates with red doors to find pieces to the next objective. If you open a crate without a piece inside, a zed will spawn instead.

  • Crate Job

In this objective, you must assemble the pieces from "Export : Slaughter" next to a pressure plate. Once they are together, at least one player must be standing on the pressure plate, which lifts a crate to unblock the area. During this, others must defend those standing on the plate from incoming zeds.

  • Precious Vomit

During "Precious Vomit", you must lure 10 bloats into a trap to collect their bile. If more than 3 zeds fall in, other than bloats, you must restart the process. During the mess of this, other zeds appear and will try to attack the players.

  • Gassy Gambling

The objective of "Gassy Gambling" is to throw dosh at slot machines, in the hope of getting three gasoline can signs to obtain Gasoline Cans. There are lots of other signs that appear and can be obtained, like ammo, zeds, vest, and more. You must collect at least 2 gasoline cans to complete this objective.

  • Dock Party

During this objective, Halliday betrays you and sends a horde of Zeds at you. You must survive for 2:00 minutes, killing off the Zeds until the time limit is up, after which you must kill the remaining Zeds to proceed

  • Defeat the Patriarch

As the name suggests, you must fight and defeat the patriarch, all while Halliday shoots the bile you collected at you from canons.

  • Revenge

Revenge is the final part of the map. You get to blow up Martel Halliday and "Send him to Hell". As the explosives are about to blow up, Halliday uses his final words to insult you, only to get cut off by the explosion.

Related achievements[edit]

Normal Mode[edit]

Longshorman icon


Beat Fright Yard on Normal Difficulty
Gang Crew icon

Gang Crew

Beat Fright Yard on Hard Difficulty
Stevedore icon


Beat Fright Yard on Suicidal Difficulty
Wharfinger icon


Beat Fright Yard on Hell on Earth Difficulty

Objective Mode[edit]

Fork Lift Operator icon

Fork Lift Operator

Beat Fright Yard in Objective Mode on Normal Difficulty
Truck Driver icon

Truck Driver

Beat Fright Yard in Objective Mode on Hard Difficulty
Crane Operator icon

Crane Operator

Beat Fright Yard in Objective Mode on Suicidal Difficulty
Shipping Magnate icon

Shipping Magnate

Beat Fright Yard in Objective Mode on Hell on Earth Difficulty
Claw Machine Master icon

Claw Machine Master

Attach the crane hook within 125 seconds
Ex-scientist icon


Collect all the bile without a contamination
777 icon


Win Fuel on the first try


Blinding Big Brother icon

Blinding Big Brother

Destroy all 30 Cameras


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