Helicopter pilots

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The helicopter's interior.

Helicopter pilots are supposedly the people sent by the British government to drop the squad off to the specimen-infested area. Every time an official map is played from the start, a helicopter can be seen flying away (Except for a few maps namely, Bedlam, Manor, Wyre, BioticsLab and Waterworks) and there obviously needs to be pilots sent by the government to drop you off to exterminate the rampaging specimens. Those helicopter pilots cannot be seen and never communicate with players though.

After they drop you off, they leave the map. They will never return nor will they come to pick the squad up, even after the squad have defeated the Patriarch.

Glitches and exploits[edit]

  • If you can spawn quickly, then you can run up and reach the helicopter before it flies off. However, you cant 'mount up' as you simply fall right through the helicopters mesh.