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The following is a list of console commands in Killing Floor. The default key for opening the console is the grave accent key or backtick (`). Command names are case-insensitive.


Command Description
show actors Toggles display of all actors
show bsp Toggles display of BSP
show collision Toggles display of simple collision
show coronas Toggles display of Coronas
show fluid Toggles display of fluid
show fog Toggles display of DistanceFog
show sky Toggles display of sky
show staticmeshes Toggles display of StaticMeshes
show paths Toggles display of Bot paths
show volumes Toggles display of Bot volumes


Command Description
memstat Displays Windows memory usage
stat all Displays all statistics
stat anim Displays animation statistics
stat audio Displays audio statistics
stat fps Displays current and average frames per second
stat game Displays game statistics
stat hardware Displays hardware statistics
stat light Displays dynamic light statistics (this will bug off when wave is start)
stat net Displays network statistics
stat render Displays rendering statistics
stat none Turns off all statistics


Command Description
disconnect Disconnects from current server
exit or quit Quits the game
open address Connects to the server at address
open mapname Opens specified map (tip: open Kf-bIOtIcSlAb, Mix it up)
preferences Opens the preferences window in Windows
reconnect Reconnects to current server
report Copies game info to the clipboard
showlog Opens the game log in Windows
setname(name) change player name
togglefullscreen switch between windowed and full screen view
togglescreenshotmode toggle visibility of weapon and hud
setres WxH Same as in-game Resolution option

Rendering tweaks[edit]

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