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A listen server is the alternative to a dedicated server. It is run on your computer while you continue playing


[edit] Advantages & disadvantages

[edit] Advantages

[edit] Disadvantages

[edit] Setting up a Listen Server

Open Killing Floor and click "Host a game". Choose your server settings and click the "Listen" button in the bottom right

[edit] Opening your Ports

Since Version 1007 uPnP has been added and so you shouldn't need to open your routers ports however, sometimes this may not work.

Ports that need to be opened:

TCP,UDP / 7705 - 7719 : 7705

TCP,UDP / 28852 - 28855 : 28852

TCP,UDP / 20560 - 20562 : 20560

For more information about opening your routers ports please visit your router manufacturers website for further assistance.

Since this is a tricky procedure it's best to check that the ports are open by using a tool called PFportchecker[1]

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