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A listen server is the alternative to a dedicated server. It is run on your computer while you continue playing

Advantages & disadvantages[edit]


  • Easier to set up.
  • Only 1 machine needed to run & play.


  • Does not support the Redirect feature.
  • Exiting the game ends the server for everyone else.
  • Usually lower bandwidth and higher latency compared to a dedicated server.

Setting up a Listen Server[edit]

Open Killing Floor and click "Host a game". Choose your server settings and click the "Listen" button in the bottom right

Opening your Ports[edit]

Since Version 1007 uPnP has been added and so you shouldn't need to open your routers ports however, sometimes this may not work.

Ports that need to be opened:

TCP,UDP / 7705 - 7719 : 7705

TCP,UDP / 28852 - 28855 : 28852

TCP,UDP / 20560 - 20562 : 20560

For more information about opening your routers ports please visit your router manufacturers website for further assistance.

Since this is a tricky procedure it's best to check that the ports are open by using a tool called PFportchecker[1]

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