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Rewrite of Demo Tactics Section[edit]

I'm trying to clean up the bad tactics listed in the wiki and have re-written the Demo section of the FP exterminations tactics due to having serious issues with this part of the original version...

With M32 or M79 -if he's quick- a high level Demolition Expert can easily get rid of Fleshpounds with ease. A single hand grenade toss then a shot to its torso from 
any grenade launcher will enrage Fleshpound, while it's going through the enrage animation; standing still and yelling, Demolition Expert player must be swift to toss 
2 more grenades in front of his feet and do a second shot to its torso. As a result Fleshpound will be gibbed to bits in a blink. Much like the Support Specialist, 
Sirens are a bane to Demolition Expert's existence. A smart Firebug or Commando should take down those nasty creatures before they even have a chance to get close.
  • Whoever put the M79 "easily getting rid of fp if demo is quick enough" obviously did not try out his own tactic in game. A FP will have finished his rage animation and be charging @ you by the time your M79 is ready for its 2nd shot. ALWAYS. WITHOUT FAIL. ALL THE TIME. Even if you shorten the reload animation by canceling with weapon switch, the fp WILL already be charging when your M79 is coming up. And btw, you can't throw grenades while your M79 is reloading.
  • As for M32, throwing hand grenades @ the fp while its doing the rage animation is just... dumb tactically unsound (its basically a more polite way of saying that it is DUMB). You can fire somewhere around 3 more m32 shots in the time used to throw the 2 hand grenades, the 3 m32 nades does more damage if you hit the fp on the upper torso and at least the same amount of damage if you aim it @ the floor where the fp is standing, the m32 nades are almost never negated by a siren's scream, easier to aim, doesn't roll off if the fp is standing on a slope, and its cheaper than the hand grenades. Unless out of ammo, there really is no reason why a demo with the m32 should be throwing hand grenades during the fp's rage.

As for the rest of the original article, I did not have much issue with them BUT unfortunately, I had to cut out portions of other editors' contributions to keep the sentence structure coherent. Please accept my sincere apologies if I have deleted your work (unless you are talking about the M79/M32 portion).

--Porkchops 06:19, 23 January 2013 (GMT)