Hunting shotgun

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Hunting Shotgun
Trader Hunting Shotgun.png
Pricing: £750 (£562)
Weight: 10 blocks
Ammo: 2 Hud Single Bullet.png 44 (46)
Ammo cost: £15 – £345
Related achievements
Careful Spender.jpg Careful Spender

A double barreled shotgun used by big game hunters. It fires two slugs simultaneously and can bring down even the largest targets, quickly. —Trader description 

The Hunting shotgun is the tier 2 weapon available for the Support specialist. It is a double-barreled shotgun that fires its two shells at an extremely fast rate and can deal a large spike of damage to any specimen. The alt-fire shoots both barrels at once for one powerful shot by using the alt-fire (mouse 3 default). With one shot, it can kill multiple Clots (which earns the achievement, Careful Spender) and in two shots (or one, on higher ranks) it can explode a Bloat. Its major downfall is that only two shells can be loaded at once, and both shells must be fired before it can be reloaded. Compared to the Shotgun, the Hunting shotgun has a huge spread, so a close-range attack is required for maximum damage.

The Hunting shotgun, like all special weapons, is never randomly spawned on the map by the game. Hunting shotgun has 1.65x of headshot multiplier.


[edit] Statistics

The Support specialist perk gets a discount on the Hunting shotgun from the Trader, and spawns with the Hunting shotgun at level 6.

Level  Discount Price Sale value Damage per shell Ammo capacity
Base 0% £750 £562 500 46
0 10% £675 £505 500 46
1 20% £600 £449 550 50
2 30% £525 £393 600 55
3 40% £450 £337 650 57
4 50% £375 £280 700 57
5 60% £300 £224 750 57
6 70% £225 £168 800 59

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