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"Come on, someone kit me out."

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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 3 locations
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"Welcome to Advanced Genetics! You will work with some of the industry's most talented, driven, and ingenious people, and together you will create the most epic specimens ever ! The laboratory is located on a Nuclear Icebreaker, indeed, Advanced Genetics is focused on working beyond code of ethics and isolated from the world to keep creativity. You will access your own human guinea-pig to make experiments like you never did ! We foster an environment of motivation and camaraderie, and, in opposition to Horzine INC., we offer highly competitive salaries and benefits. Manpower recently decreased so, we have some career opportunities ! Be smart, take your chance, your dream job is waiting for you ! If you’re looking for work that will challenge and inspire you, a job that will offer tremendous personal and professional growth, then Advanced Genetics is the right place for you! Seasick drugs are offered, so, welcome on board!"

Icebreaker, the winner of the 2nd wave Grindhouse competition created by Damien Laurent (and Yoann Guilloud), the same author as the first wave winner (Waterworks). It is set on a ship, an icebreaker, which is overrun with escaped experiments, as always it is you and your squad's job to wipe them out completely. Icebreaker is quite a difficult map as there are few good places to hold out from the oncoming specimens, also, it is dark and raining, which makes it very hard to see incoming specimens. The ship rolls from side to side, like a real ship, making it quite difficult to land critical headshots.

Map layout[edit]

Trader locations[edit]

Defensive positions[edit]

There are three main places to defend located at either end of the ship. Just follow along the side of the ship until you find one.

  • The first one (nearest to spawn point) is at the end of the ship and has a crashed helicopter. There are three points for specimens to come from. The two stairs at either end and a coridor passing under the helicopter. Most specimens come from the stairs and much fewer come from the coridor. Most teammates should defend the stairs, and a medic could cover the coridor while healing teammates. The medic would not need support for anything other than a fleshpounnd or scrake given the low number of specimens.
  • The other defensive position is at the other end of the ship. There is a long coridor and three sets of stairs. Most specimens come from down the coridor, but enough come from the stairways to make them a viable threat.
  • The third one is at the highest point of the ship. Easily recognizable by the 2 parallel staircases with a fire behind the right one. Players take position on the left one (the furthest from the chimney). Specimens only come from below you, the door on the right and the far staircase. Specimens going up the other staircase will usually just jump down again. Beware that you should stay at that staircase or specimens will spawn on the chimney.


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