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Trader Katana.png
Pricing: £2000 (£1500)
Weight: 3 blocks

An incredibly sharp katana sword. —Trader description 

The katana is a fast, powerful and light melee weapon for berserkers. It can be used with two different firing modes, a quick slash with the primary fire button, or a slower swing with the alternate fire button. Of the two firing modes the primary has the highest damage per second. The katana is never found at random weapon spawn points in official maps, but can be found on Icebreaker in a katana only spawn point found amidships in front of a dead crew member. There is also a "Golden Katana" available in the "Golden Weapons" DLC. Its statistics are identical to the normal Katana.


The Berserker perk gets bonuses and a discounts for the katana. Strikes to the head cause 10% more damage.

Level Discount Price Sale value Hit damage Fire mode DPS
Primary Alternate Primary Alternate
Base £2000 £1500 135 205 201 205
0 10% £1800 £1349 148 225 221 225
1 20% £1600 £1199 162 246 253 258
2 30% £1400 £1049 189 287 310 315
3 40% £1200 £899 216 328 354 360
4 50% £1000 £749 243 369 417 424
5 60% £800 £599 270 410 483 492
6 70% £600 £449 270 410 503 512


The base cost of the katana is £2000, this can be reduced by up to £1400 with use of the berserker perk, at intervals of £200 per level. As with all melee weapons there are no maintenance costs for it.

Usage and damage[edit]

The katana's headshot multiplier is 1.1x, which is less than the 1.25x multiplier of the knife, machete and fire axe.

In terms of damage output, the katana deals approximately a third more damage over time than the axe in primary fire and the same damage in alternate fire, despite its higher rate of fire. Compared to the chainsaw, the katana has up to 40% less damage potential over time, but is five blocks of weight lighter, has a 10% larger headshot multiplier, and allows the player to run faster whilst wielding it.

When playing on lower difficulties (Hard and below), a berserker wielding the Katana can repeatedly flinch a Scrake (attack interrupted but able to move, very short duration) and prevent it from retaliating by continuously attacking with primary attack (headshots are needed for a level 0 Berserker in order to reach the ~150 damage threshold for flinching). Unfortunately, this tactic is not feasible on the higher difficulty levels (Suicidal and HoE) as each Scrake can only be flinched once on these difficulties. However, a high level berserker (level 4+) can still stun a Scrake (unable to move or attack, moderate duration) on any difficulty level by attacking with the Katana's alt-fire from behind (667 or more damage done in a single attack).

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Lightweight;
  • Fast attack rate;
  • Moderately powerful;
  • Reliably decapitates lesser specimens;
  • Primary attack has a wide reach, meaning that the player can attack multiple nearby specimens with one swing;
  • Will not enrage Fleshpound upon 2 primary swing headshots once every 2 seconds;
  • Primary swing will not enrage Fleshpound when they're lit on fire or backstabbed by it;
  • Reliable to pin Patriarch busy with fast hit-and-runs as he whiffs while rest of the team focuses on him;
  • Alt-fire to the body stuns Husks when used by high-ranked Berserker;
  • Headshots flinch Scrakes when used by a high-ranked Berserker, may require slowly backing up at high difficulties due to inner cooldown.


  • Weak against stronger specimens (like the Fleshpound or Patriarch), or, at higher difficulties, Scrakes;
  • At higher difficulties it loses effectiveness against Scrakes, with them gaining inner cooldown against flinch-locks;
  • Deals less damage per hit than the Fire Axe, Claymore, Scythe or Dwarfs?! Axe;
  • Short range requires a side-arm to deal with agile zeds like Crawlers in order to avoid damage;
  • Requires the user to close into melee range.


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