Lever-action rifle

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Lever-action rifle
Trader Winchester.png
Pricing: £200 (£150)
Weight: 6 blocks
Ammo: 10 Hud Single Bullet.png 70 (80)
Ammo cost: £20 – £160
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The lever-action rifle is the cheapest available primary weapon. It's a popular choice among sharpshooters due to its relatively decent rate of fire, decent damage, and its price. It has good iron-sights and no scope effect, which makes some players prefer this weapon to the Crossbow for the visibility it affords. Its low price means a player can nearly always afford the weapon and ammo for it. Compared to the M14 it has a slower rate of fire, half the ammunition, takes longer to reload, costs a great deal less to buy, deals nearly double damage, and has a slightly lower headshot multiplier of x2.0 to the M14's x2.25, the crossbows' x4 and higher compared to x1.1 of most other weapons. The lever-action rifle can be found in default weapon spawns on maps.


[edit] Statistics

The lever-action rifle always costs £200. Its bullets cost £2 each. The sharpshooter spawns with it at level 5.

Level Base damage Head damage
Base 140 280
0 140 308
1 140 338
2 140 386
3 140 436
4 140 509
5 140 630
6 140 672

[edit] Damage

Per shot, the lever-action rifle is substantially more powerful than the M14 EBR; dealing a base damage of 140 per shot to the M14's 80, only limited by its low capacity and lengthy reload time. Sufficiently levelled, a single headshot from the lever-action can deal almost 700 damage per headshot; enough to kill any specimens aside from the Scrake and Fleshpound. In the former case, a level 6 Sharpshooter can successively stun a Scrake with headshots until it dies from up to 5 rounds depending on the difficulty. The Fleshpound is more difficult because it has a 25% resistance to the lever-action rifle and 50-65% resistance to the crossbow. As a level 6 Sharpshooter, the lever-action rifle is capable of inflicting more DPS than the Crossbow against the Fleshpound, even on Hell on Earth difficulty. It is possible to kill a Fleshpound with at most 7 consecutive rapid head shots from the lever-action rifle.

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[edit] Origin

The lever-action is based directly off the Winchester Model 1894 with a rear tang peep sight, which usually has a 6 or 7 round internal tube magazine. It featured in the original Killing Floor mod under the name of the Winchester.

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