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The archive of updates in 2013:

4th December 2013, 1057[edit]

  • Christmas is back for another year, and so are the Christmas Specimens with 2 new maps.


  • Official Mutators now use event zeds during events
  • Fixed official mutators to work with low max specimen values in sandbox
  • Fixed Steam Workshop downloads on Linux/Mac downloading to the wrong location
  • Possible fix for Mac/Linux users having their perks stuck in a non progressing state
  • Two new maps
  • New Character - Alternate Harchier Spebbington for owning The Ball


  • Fixed third person dual handcannons having a 9mm mesh
  • Fixed bug that allowed player to pickup up weapons for ammo
  • Fixed bug that prevented you from picking up an mk23 after dropping it
  • Removed some code that was specialized for the old weight system for handcannons that allowed a second handcannon to be picked up after max weight was achieved
  • Fixed third person reload sounds not playing for many weapons
  • Fixed third person reload animations for some weapons
  • Fixed Camo M32 grenades not having an explosion sound
  • Fixed Camo MP5M healing darts not having a mesh in the world
  • Fixed dynamic loading for Camo M32 and Camo MP5M


  • Item descriptions are now displayed in the trader menu
  • OpenGL users can now properly enable/disable bloom and detailed shadows from the options menu

7th November 2013, 1056[edit]


  • Fixed bug that prevented dual pistols from being purchased when weight is almost maxed
  • Fixed inability to pick-up second set of duals
  • Modified Handcannon weight
  • Favorited weapons are now shared between wave and objective modes
  • Made Demo's initial pipe bombs sell for 0


  • Fixed Steam overlay not appearing after clicking on DLC content more than once
  • Spectators no longer acquire achievements for completing maps
  • Departed - Fixed trader not working correctly
  • FrightYard - Fixed exploit locations and other collision refinements
  • Fixed for trigger lights when playing on DirectX

30th October 2013, 1055[edit]


  • Fixed achievement unlock issues for 'Single-Load Doom Bombardier' and 'Claw Master'
  • Fixed weapon favorite-ing not working when connected to a dedicated server
  • Changed DLC icon on the main menu to 'Us vs. Them' to match the steam overlay
  • Server Browser should now sort by ping by default


  • Fixed players getting trapped in trader room
  • Fixed several blocking volume exploits
  • Minor tweaks and improvements


  • Added the cheat 'KillZed' back in


  • 'KFO' maps now forcibly load the correct GameInfo. This means it's no longer required to change the ?game= commandline. Also, it's now possible to map cycle between KFO and standard KF maps.

24th October 2013[edit]

  • Fixed MapEndTexture failure

23rd October 2013,1054[edit]



  • Fixed an exploit where players could pass off “on perk” dual weapons and sell them
  • Fixed some weapon pickups giving free 9mm ammo
  • Fixed automatic weapons with semi-auto fire getting into a broken state
  • Fixed dual 9mm’s left hand weapon firing off-center
  • Adjusted sale price for starter weapons
  • Level 5 starting weapons will always be sold for 200 do$h.
  • Level 6 starting weapons will always be sold for 225 do$h.
  • Fixed some medic guns not properly crediting the player for healing
  • Fixed M4 pickup giving player M4203 ammo when M4203 is in inventory


  • New Trader menu filters:
    • Weapons now show up under perk tabs (which defaults to your in-use perk)
    • There is also an non-perk tab and a favorites tab (which players can add their favorite/most often used weapons to for easy access)
  • Added option for players to purchase skinned (like golden) or standard weapons from the trader. When one is purchased, the others will be removed.
  • Fill Ammo will now fill ammo first, before grenades
  • Removed software rendering mode from the options menu
  • Added beta support for OpenGL to the options menu on Windows
  • Added wave information to the server browser
  • Fixed changing language not working on Linux and Mac builds
  • Added server gating and filtering based on players highest perk


  • Fixed spawning in third person
  • Fixed Scrake headshot collision being out of sync between servers and clients
  • Fixed Field Medic Perk lv 3 and 4 healing as a lv6, instead of a lv5
  • Fixed zeds not obliterating on Listen servers (before they would just disappear)
  • Scrake damage reset to default difficulty after his saw loop animation
  • Pressing the “Throw Weapon” key will now only throw down one story item at a time
  • If a player dies they will now drop all story items they are holding


  • Modified the Medic Perk weapon discounts to be more in line with the other perks, and adjusted the Medic Weapon prices accordingly
  • Tweaked the Medic Perk discount text
  • Balanced the Demo weapon pricing
    • M4203 is now cheaper and M32 is now more expensive

Map Changes[edit]

  • Steamland: Fixed 3 exploits on top of game booths and piles of crates behind ferris wheel.
  • Moon Base: Turned off outdoor rock's collision which was protruding into Green House.
  • Icebreaker: Turned off pipe collision and added 2 blocking volumes to prevent exploit in main BioLab room.
  • Biohazard: Adjusted shop volume which was sticking out of trader doors.
  • Abusement Park: Set rotating platform's collision to block weapons and remade a large blocking volume to prevent exploit.

28th August 2013, 1052[edit]

  • Fixed - A case where AI would ignore players

24th July 2013, 1051[edit]


  • Removed Summer Zeds
  • Fixed an issue with where a Gold Handcannon would not be properly listed
  • Fixed an issue where you could not properly sell a hand cannon
  • Fixed an issue where monsters would ignore players
  • Fixed an issue where Golden 3 crown note would not properly unlock
  • Made sure gold bar messages are displayed for everyone
  • Fixed an issue where guns with more than max ammo due to perk would lose that extra ammo when picked up by player with that perk
  • Fixed an issue where Assault Flayer Ordinance was unlocking for all enemies
  • Fixed an issue where Extended Motion Projector would not properly unlock
  • Fixed “leftover” zeds during trader time in objective mode
  • Fixed an issue where boomstick was not immediately useable if it was previously dropped due to player death while reloading
  • Updated mutator whitelist
  • Fixed breaker box icon rendering when players weren’t facing the box
  • Addressed the general protection fault crashes showing up in story mode


  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Gold Bar objective from progressing in Solo play (this bug only occurred if the last zed was killed while Lockheart was talking; the order of capture does not matter).
  • Decreased spawn frequency on Breaker objective and added more clots so Fleshpounds and Scrakes should be less frequent.
  • Increased pathing density around main gates and forced zeds to walk them.
  • Fixed pathing bug by the broken wall near the Dandy Trader.
  • Turned off collision on Lockheart's safe doors so they won't push you when they open.
  • Fixed a few misaligned/stretched textures.
  • Set all ZombieVolume spawn priorities to the default of 3000 so zeds won't all spawn in the town area when holding out at the main gates in regular KF mode.
  • Put boards on the doors of the Clockwork Cafe because players kept trying to open them.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could stand on an invisible ledge in front of the sign above the rear Casino door.
  • Blocked off a window on the side of the Clockwork Cafe which you could crouch inside of.

Mutator Whitelist Additions/Updates[edit]

  • Door Messages v3
  • Custom Weapon Priorities
  • Skell’s Weapon Reskins
  • WeaponsWorkShope LITE
  • Classic ZED Voices
  • Damage Popup
  • Kill Messages V3
  • Visible Spectators
  • PerkMinimum
  • KFStatsX
  • Custom Buy Menu
  • Super Zombies

17th July 2013, 1050[edit]

  • Made the first objective on KFO-Steamland easier
  • Added a fall back check to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster

4th July 2013, 1049[edit]

  • Fixed bug which prevented people to achieve old Summer Sideshow achievements

3rd July 2013[edit]

Summer Sideshow Event[edit]

Event Details[edit]

  • Summer is back and the Summer Zeds are here to play!
  • Complete this years Summer Achievements to unlock Steampunk Mrs. Foster
  • Return of the previous Summer Sideshow events and unlockable Steampunk Mr. Foster
  • Added system for Displaying Dialogue on the HUD and also playing voiceover audio.
  • Added an Objective System which can support near-infinite combinations of conditions and actions.
  • Added Scriptable NPCs which can be placed by level designers
  • Added Carryable inventory items which can be configured to do lots of different things (slow players down, speed them up , get zeds to ignore them, etc.)
  • Added a new ZED Spawning System which lets level designers control every aspect of when ZEDs spawn, where they spawn, and which types.
  • Added support for rendering objective related icons and text on the HUD. Level designers can configure this to get it to look the way they want.
  • Added a new level rules actor which can configure additional gameplay rules such as player's starting cash the equipment they spawn with, etc.
  • Added a checkpoint system which can respawn dead players and also reset the game to a previously saved state.
  • Added a TraderController actor which lets level designers control when certain trader shops should open and close.
  • Added many new Scripted action objects.
  • Note: Not all features of the mode are in KFO-SteamLand


  • Fixed screen flickering and crash when launching the game in full screen mode on a dual monitor setup
  • Fixed a texture memory-related crash
  • Removed exploitable whitelisted mutator from whilelist
  • Fixed Ricky Vegas and Hayato Tanaka preference not being saved
  • Fixed a memory leak
  • Disabled player collision during trader timer
  • Fixed WebAdmin showing up on scoreboard sometimes when WebAdmin is enabled
  • Fixed a case where healed player/item would be blank


  • Added KFO-Steamland
  • Added KF-Steamland

14th May 2013, 1047[edit]

  • Added 2 new DLC characters for an upcoming promotion - BANZAI!
  • Fixed a server crash exploit
  • Fixed achievement progress for original Killing Floor maps

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