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Field Medic
Machine Pistol
Trader 9mm.png
Pricing: £300 (£225)
Weight: 4 blocks
Ammo: 40 Hud Ammo Clip.png 7 (240)
Ammo cost: £10 – £80

A fully automatic 9mm pistol.. —Trader description 

The Machine Pistol is a unused weapon in the game.

(Note that the Machine Pistol does not actually have a Trader icon and the 9mm icon is used as a place holder for this page.)

In KFMod[edit]

The Machine Pistol appeared in the final days of the Mod (being 2.5 as the last offical update). The gun during the mod was exactly the same as their 9mm aesthetically, because of this there is no way to find out if the 9mm on the floor was either the standard 9mm or the Machine Pistol until it was picked up. This weapon was special as it was only obtainable in Offices as a random spawn and can NOT be purchased at the Trader. It was made for the use of the "Spray and Pray" tactic. The offical KFMod also came along with a Machine Pistol mutator that allowed all 9mm pistols to be replaced with this modified one. For more information visit the KFMod Wiki Here.

In Killing Floor[edit]

Since Tripwire Interactive just moved KFMod over to Red Orchestra 1 and built on top of that, a majority of content from these 2 games are still present in Killing Floor itself (as well as Unreal Tournament 2004 data).

The Machine Pistol was still left in the game (Along with some other weapons) and the Machine Pistol mutator is still present in the data, yet KF has been heavily modified that it cant read the Unreal Tournament Version of the mutator. This weapon was most likely not to return into the newer version as it lack a majority of information. The weapon does not have a first person model of the weapon or the players arm (since the weapon's coding was telling the game to use KFMod arms but was denied to load it.)

The only model this weapon has is it's 3rd world models. Its pickup model is that of the 9mm pistol from KFMod and its third person model attachment (Gun model thats being hold by the player) is that of the normal KF 9mm pistol. The KF 9mm model does have a flashlight but the gun does not use it, just like it did in KFMod. This weapon also lacks any kind of icon, being the Trader's menu or the players inventory HUD.

Since it's not suppose to be used in the game, the Machine Pistol's perk is the Medic which was used as a place holder. The weapon gets no kind of bonuses or discounts at all, its the same price for all perks. If the weapon is used, it is very effective when spamming everything but since it lacks a model, its very difficult for a player where to aim, especially when the bullets fly out from the top right corner of the 1st person view and onto wherever you aimed. Also since it has no first person model, the pistol does not have a iron sight feature. Reloading is always on manual and pressing fire does not reload it.

The weapon may be placed onto maps, summoned out via console or use on a trader mutator with this code


Even if the weapon is not officially used in the game, the weapon is whitelisted like all the other official KF mutators.

Advantages & Disadvantages[edit]


  • Cheapest Semi auto weapon.
  • Only takes 4 blocks.
  • Loads of ammo.


  • You cant see your own weapon!
  • Can not be obtain without some editing or modifing.
  • Set on manual reload.


  • Spray and pray, just like it was meant to be used.
  • Best used to rid of the small weaker specimens.
  • Used greatly as a awful sidearm.


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