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Author: Tripwire Interactive
Trader: 5 locations
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Lord of the Manor.jpg Lord of the Manor
Duke of the Manor.jpg Duke of the Manor
Emperor of the Manor.jpg Emperor of the Manor
Demonic King of the Manor.jpg Demonic King of the Manor

"Of all the places to crashland... The nearby 19th century manor house is a derelict - A home for squatters, and junkies. The paint-flecked walls and collapsed flooring is far from enticing. But it may a good place to take refuge and set up a defense. Because you can hear them coming, they tracked you here. The sound of murmuring is growing louder on the breeze...."

Manor is a level set in a dilapidated manor and its vicinity. It was originally made by Alex Quick for the Killing Floor mod, and was remade by Tripwire Interactive for the retail version of Killing Floor. Players spawn next to their destroyed helicopter, from where they can continue their unexpected mission through a cave or along a path to the ominous-looking manor. The manor house has a reasonable amount of space for them to dig in and set up defenses, but there are a few other more advisable defensive locations to camp.

Map layout[edit]

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Trader locations[edit]

  • Along the tunnel of the cave closest to the boathouse.
  • Inside the basement of the manor.
  • The second floor of the manor.
  • Inside the "piano room" of the manor.
  • In the boathouse close to the pond.

Historic data[edit]

Killing Floor mod 'KF' logo.png This section is related to Manor as it appeared in the Killing Floor mod.

The original Manor on the Killing Floor mod is much smaller than the Killing Floor version but has a pretty similar map layout. The manor area is much the same, although Tripwire extended it with additional paths; the nearby cave leading underground to one of the trader locations is just a few meters long, the larger cave is placed differently and is much smaller with only two tunnels, and the area where players spawn in the Killing Floor version is blocked off by fences. Instead, players spawn in a huge outdoor area enclosed by cliffs and have to enter one of the two tunnels in the cave to get to the manor. The manor house itself does not contain the extended structure which leads to the basement, although the main structure is geometrically similar and share the same entrances from the outside. However, only the very first room is accessible - there are no other rooms and there is no way to enter the second floor. Only one trader location exists, found in between the two entrances to the cave. Visually, the original Manor is much more swampy with water covering much of the ground.

Defensive positions[edit]

  • The cave has three relatively long tunnels, which act as chokepoints. By holding position at their intersection, players can maintain line of sight on each tunnel to prevent specimens from spawning inside the cave. Doing so will provide the team with ample time to react to large enemies, and slow down the influx of specimens. A Sharpshooter with a crossbow is recommended to eliminate Husks from afar. If the specimens in one tunnel cannot be controlled, then the team can fall back to either of the other two tunnels.
  • The longest (middle) tunnel of the cave is a chokepoint; when positioned at the outer end of the tunnel, the majority of the specimens will approach from outside. In general, a Field medic or a Sharpshooter can control the inside of the cave while still providing support (e.g., healing and hitting headshots) for the other side.
  • Similarly, the entrance to the tunnel of the cave closest to the boathouse can be camped in the same fashion. The only difference is that specimens are able to spawn outside the map and attack directly from the side, which can come as a surprise to careless players.
  • On the earlier waves, holding out near the boathouse area is possible. It is advised to stay near the fence on the edge of the map because distancing yourself from it increases the chance of specimens spawning from behind. In any case, a Sharpshooter can hold a vantage point on the small wedge of a hill just outside the boathouse on your way into the caves along the rear fence. The Sharpshooter may have to jump a few times to reach this location, but it provides a good view of the entrance to the caves, the fence, and the area surrounding the boathouse. Additionally, most specimens will have difficulty reaching the Sharpshooter. The natural crevice between two rock walls funnels specimens, making them easy targets.


  • Two of your team members should have long-range weapons and two should have short-range weapons. Go to the left of the front entrance to the manor house. Look for a staircase leading underground. Weld the door shut. As the specimens walk down the stairs take them out with your long range players. Your short range will take care of any that get closer and keep an eye on the door behind you. Grenade launchers work well in this situation as it is easier to shoot the ground beneath the specimens. This tactic is risky, since you only have one route of escape, which will be welded shut and probably have a specimen or two behind it.
  • On the top floor of the house, opposite the doors there is a nice spot to defend in the back corner, up against the wall. Weld the door by the stairs to minimize the chance of getting overrun, and make sure there's a clear path towards the hole in front of you, because getting cornered here while reloading is a death sentence. Specimens spawn behind the door, and will primarily be going through it towards you, unless there's another squad member closer to them. Specimens coming through the door and up the stairs can be easily cut down by your gunfire. This spot might become too dangerous as you progress onto the harder waves, but if you've got a few squad members close by it should work until the Patriarch. Don't attempt to fight the Patriarch here, as it's too easy to get cornered and killed. Trying dropping down through the hole in the ceiling and retreating outside so you cannot be outmaneuvered.
  • On the main floor of the house, there is a short hallway leading between the manor's main entry point and the piano/trader room. This spot can easily be defended by as few as three people, as long as they are attentive. There are two weldable doors in this two room area- one connecting to the front room of the house, and one in the room with the ramp to the second story. By welding the ramp room's door shut, and leaving the front rooms door open, you create both a specimen funnel, and a safety area. Have one person focus their gunfire on the front room, the second person focus theirs in the piano room (sticking out of the curtains), leaving the third person free to run between the two, healing them and focusing on any specimen that spawn and come down the ramp from the second story. The reason this strategy works is that if one area becomes overrun, the other members have multiple means of escape- through the tunnels, out the front, or up to second story. Not recommended for the Patriarch.


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