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The hotkey library for the Killing Floor SDK

Hotkeys can get things done a lot quicker when compared to scrolling around with the mouse in the editor. It is also possible to create your own hotkeys if you want or need to get things done without consuming so much time.

Default hotkeys[edit]

  • ctrl + a = Add the current builder brush to the world space (CSG operation "Add").
  • ctrl + s = Subtract the current builder brush from the world space (CSG operation "Subtract").
  • ctrl + l = Save the current level.
  • ctrl + w = copy the current selected items (it's the same as ctrl + c, ctrl + v, but then in one operation).
  • ctrl + c = place the current selected items on your windows clipboard.
  • ctrl + v = paste the current items that are on your windows clipboard.
  • ctrl + alt + left mouse button = drop a selection box, very handy for selecting multiple faces.
  • shift + d = duplicate selected items, not sure where the difference lies with copying (ctrl + d), so if someone wishes to explain this.
  • ctrl + p = Play map.
  • L + Left mouse click on any surface = will create a light at the selected point.
  • shift + b = select all faces of the current brush (you need to have selected at least one face of the brush).
  • alt + rightclick on a surface = if you do this, the texture of that surface will be placed in the clipboard.
  • alt + leftclick on a surface = the texture in your clipboard (the one you just placed there with alt + right click), will be applied to the surface. Do note this is tricky at this, it may refuse to do so, just retry it till it works.
  • shift + s = selects every face in your map.
  • H = Hide/Unhide everything except BSP.
  • O = Toggle wireframe visibility of volumes.
  • Q = toggle BSP visibility (Very handy when bsp is invisible + dynamic previewing is on to see what is being unloaded).
  • T = toggle terrain visibility.
  • P = Enable/Disable realtime previewing.
  • W = Hide/Unhide all Static meshes.
  • K =Enable/Disable Backdrop.
  • S =Enable/Disable Selection Highlight.
  • E =Enable/Disable Event Lines.
  • F =Enable/Disable Distance Fog.

Creating your own hotkeys[edit]

I've never done this myself, but there is a handy tutorial i stumbled upon a while back and saved on my pc, here it is:

It is possible to set your own hotkeys for some actions. This can be done for any action that involves an unreal command. To see if what you want to do applies, and how to add the hotkey, do the following:

1. In the Unreal editor, do the action that you want to hotkey (So, if you want to hotkey the BSP brush Add, do this with the standard buttons).
2. Open up the generic browser, and then go to the tab on the top labeled "Log".
3. Find the line(s) that correspond to the action that you want to hotkey:

  • If the action's line is bold and is preceded by "Cmd:", then the action's command is what follows the colon.
  • If the action does not contain this syntax (as is the case for "save"), i do not currently know how to give it a hotkey, so stop here.

4. If you can create a hotkey from your action, note the command.
5. In your simple text editor of choice (probably notepad++ or notepad) open C:\Documents and Settings\Your username\My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config\UTEditorKeyBindings.ini.
6. Here you will see lines in the following format:

  • KeyBindings=(bCtrlDown=True,bAltDown=False,bShiftDown=False,Key="Z",CommandName="Matinee_Undo").
  • The first three boolean variables determine whether any of the 3 modifier keys need to be pressed.
  • The "Key" variable is the key that is to be pressed.
  • The "CommandName" variable is the name of the command that is activated.

7. Put an enter or two after the last command, make a comment to the effect of "//custom keys" just to keep things organized.
8. After that, copy one of the factory commands, and paste it after your commment.
9. Edit the boolean modifier key variables, the key variable, and then type or copy the command for your action into the CommandName variable.
10. Save UTEditorKeyBindings.ini.
11. Your key bindings should work the next time you start up Unreal Editor.